Natural Spot Treatment

What is a natural spot treatment?

A natural spot treatment is a skincare product made up of predominantly natural ingredients that’s designed to target and treat blemishes on the skin. It’s believed that a natural spot treatment may be kinder and gentler on the skin because of its natural ingredients. In comparison, traditional spot creams may contain harsh chemicals and formulas that can, in fact, only aggravate the skin further. It’s the job of a natural spot treatment to help detoxify and unclog the pores in your skin that have become blocked with dead skin cells and excess sebum, resulting in those dreaded spots!

Does the My Clarins range include a natural spot treatment?

Our CLEAR-OUT Targeted Blemish Treatment is our plant-based natural spot treatment that helps zap zits quick. Think of it as your magic wand for flawless skin. We’ve included meadowsweet extract to clear your clogged pores and purslane extract to offer soothing relief. With its targeted nozzle for immediate action, our spot stick is designed so you can grab, dab and go.

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