What is the best foundation for dry skin?

Colder temperatures, late nights, or simply your natural hormones; there are many reasons why your skin might dry out and become patchy. Luckily, however, you can make dry skin a thing of the past with Clarins’ range of hydrating foundations and moisturisers that infuse your skin with a thirst-quenching hit.

Here’s our expert guide on which foundation is good for dry skin, plus some tips to ensure your skin remains perfectly hydrated at all times.

Dry skin: a tricky skin type when it comes to makeup

Highly sensitive due to its lack of water and lipids, dry skin is often uneven in texture, which can make it difficult when it comes to makeup application. Tricky, but not impossible!

Our first tip: hydrate your skin as much as possible to create a soft, smooth base for your foundation. We recommend using our SOS COMFORT MASK twice a week to up your skin’s moisture levels. In just 10 minutes, this ultra-nourishing face mask will leave your skin soft, supple and ready for makeup. With this regular and intense dose of hydration, you can help avoid patchy, dry skin.

Foundation for dry skin

Once your skin is nicely hydrated, it’s time to find out which foundation is good for dry skin. It's crucial you reach for a moisturising formula, and the good news is that all our Clarins foundations are super hydrating. For intense nourishment, we recommend Clarins Everlasting Foundation. Enriched with plant extracts — such as Organic Quinoa for its hydrating properties and Organic Oat Sugars for their exceptional tightening benefits — Clarins Everlasting Foundation works like skincare and glides effortlessly onto the skin, creating a no-mask effect and offering extreme comfort for dry skin.

BB cream for dry skin

Looking for something lighter? Then Clarins BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 15 is for you. This lightweight, hydrating BB cream provides light-to-medium coverage that enhances your skin with a gorgeous, subtle, and natural-looking finish. Packed full of Aloe Vera extract for its extreme hydrating properties, this BB cream for dry skin boosts your skin’s oxygenation for radiant, rebalanced skin. Perfect for days when you don’t need a full face of makeup but want a little added glow.

Concealer for dry skin

Effortlessly conceal your under eye circles with a nourishing, velvety-smooth concealer for dry skin. At Clarins, we know the best concealer for dry skin is one that’s packed full of dehydration-kicking goodness. And Clarins Everlasting Concealer is a full-coverage product that won’t slip, slide, or melt away. Available in 8 different shades, this expert concealer doesn’t crease, leaving you with a smooth eye area that’s nourished and hydrated while effortlessly concealing imperfections and dark circles thanks to Horse Chestnut extract.

Expert advice from Clarins

For more tips and tricks, book a personalised consultation at our Virtual Boutique. Our friendly Beauty Coaches are here to listen, guide, and offer you an authentic Clarins experience from the comfort of your own home. No question is too small, we’re here to help you supercharge your skincare routine and ensure you feel as beautiful as you deserve to feel, every single day.

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