How do I choose the right mascara for me?

Choosing the perfect mascara for yourself is hugely dependent on your desired look and lash type, and more. Our makeup experts have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to choose the right mascara for you based on your personal style and facial features - continue reading to find out more.

Choose mascara based on the desired formula

Start by thinking about the formula of the mascara. Do you want a waterproof mascara or a regular mascara? Each of the two types has its own advantages and disadvantages and the ultimate mascara selection is often based on personal preference.

Choose mascara by the colour of your eyes

Best mascara colour for blue eyes

If you have blue eyes, it's best to use a blue or black mascara to really show them off.

Best mascara colour for green eyes

For green eyes we would suggest avoiding green and trying brown, plum or purple instead to bring out your beautiful eye colour.

Best mascara colour for brown eyes

If you have brown eyes, you can apply any colour you like. All shades of mascara suit you, giving you real freedom of choice!

Choose mascara according to your lash type

When it comes to choosing a mascara, there are a few things you need to take into account. The first is your lash type. Are your lashes straight, curly, or somewhere in between? This will determine what type of brush you might want to look for in a mascara.

Short lashes

If you have short lashes, you might want to try a lengthening mascara, such as our Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D that accentuates length, volume, curl and definition, all at once. A single application is all you need to lengthen and thicken your lashes.

For more recommendations of the best lengthening mascaras, check out Beauty Daily.

Thick lashes

Those with thick lashes may want a mascara that will help them create more definition and add volume to their lashes. Try our Supra Volume mascara to intensify and enhance your eyelashes whilst taking extra care of them.

Sparse lashes

Volumising or densifying mascaras are good choices for those with sparse lashes. This type of mascara can help add more thickness to your lashes, making them look fuller and fuller. Enhance your lashes with our Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D for a volumising and high-definition eye makeup look.

Straight lashes

If your lashes are straight, explore using a curling mascara such as Supra Lift & Curl Mascara that enhances lashes by lifting and curling your lashes without damaging them.

Long lashes

If you have long lashes, look for a mascara that will add volume and thickness to your lashes. Try our Supra Volume mascara to intensify and enhance your eyelashes whilst taking extra care of them.

Choose mascara based on the desired look

No matter what your desired look may be, there is a mascara out there that can help you achieve it! With a little bit of research, you can find the perfect mascara to help you achieve the lashes of your dreams.

Best mascaras for voluminous lashes

If you're looking for a voluminous effect, you might choose a thickening mascara. This type of mascara can help to add volume and fullness to your lashes.

Check out more of our recommendations for the best volumising mascaras on Beauty Daily.

Best mascaras for a bold eye make-up look

If you want to create a more dramatic, glamorous look, you may want to try a waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascaras such as Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D Waterproof are great for holding a curl, and they can also help to create a more intense, voluminous look.

Best mascaras for a natural look

For a more natural look, opt for a subtle amount of mascara. Also, try using a colour closer to the colour of your lashes. Find out how to apply natural make-up by following our natural makeup look tutorial video.

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