How do I care for my hands?

Your hands help you out day after day. What if you returned the favour? Discover our two key steps to pampering your hands to perfection.

1. Step one: exfoliate!

Your hands are exposed and particularly sensitive to harmful external factors such as pollution and the cold. Exfoliate often to slough away dead skin cells. For a soothing scrub, use the Exfoliating Body Scrub for Smooth Skin twice a week. Its formula is enriched with bamboo powder and shea butter to leave hands smooth, soft and primed for moisturising care.

2. Step two: moisturise!

The secret to beautiful hands? Daily moisturising. Every morning, every night before bed and after washing, use the Hand and Nail Treatment Cream, containing shea butter unsaponifiables and extracts of aloe vera and white mulberry. In addition to its moisturising properties, this cream protects hands from environmental damage and helps erase dark spots. If the latter are a problem, try the Age-Control Hand Lotion SPF 15. Day after day, this hand lotion safeguards your natural skin tone for more beautiful hands. Tip: boost the hand cream's results by using gloves from the Hand and Foot Kit. Simply apply your product and slip the gloves on. Upon waking, your hands will be as soft as can be.

Clarins has all the ingredients you need to get pampering your hands!

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