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Clarins’ guide to cleansing and toning

Wondering how to clean your skin in the most effective way possible? Then cleansing and toning is for you. And with over 60 years of skincare expertise, you know your skin is in good hands with Clarins.

When it comes to cleansing and toning, it’s important to find a set of products that work with your specific skin type. That means the best routine for you might not be the same as for someone else, because it all depends on your skin, texture preference, and specific skin concerns.

So if you’re wondering how to use cleanser and toner, why they’ll benefit your skin, and which are the best products for you, you’re in the right place. From what is a toner to how to use facial cleanser, here’s our guide on everything you need to know about cleansing and toning your skin.


Firstly, let’s cover how to cleanse your face and why this is an important part of your daily skincare routine. Cleansers are high-performance products that gently remove makeup, dirt, sunscreen, pollution, and dead skin cells from your skin. Why is this important? Well, as well as leaving you with makeup-free skin, cleansing provides a clean base upon which your serum or moisturiser can soak in more deeply. So not only will your skin look and feel refreshed, but your products will work harder, too.

So, how to use cleansing lotion? You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to cleanse your skin. That’s because cleansers contain powerful, effective ingredients that effortlessly break down your makeup, making it easy to remove the most long-lasting products in just a few moments. Simply dab your chosen cleanser onto a cotton pad or wipe, then glide it gently over your skin and eyes until all traces of makeup have been removed. Simple!

Choosing the right cleanser for you

Your choice of cleanser depends on your preference, and at Clarins it’s all about you. That’s why we’ve used over 60 years of skincare expertise to create a selection of cleansers to suit every skin type and concern. And in 2021 for the very first time, the powerful Alpine Herbs in our cleansers are harvested from both our own land at Le Domaine Clarins and from our nearby agricultural partners in the heart of the Alps. With expertly chosen ingredients to preserve the skin microbiota and soothe, calm, and soften your skin, our brand new cleansers are perfect for supercharging your skincare regime and gently removing makeup and pollution from your face, eyes, and lips.

Here’s how to choose the best cleanser for you...

‘I wear little makeup and want a gentle cleanser’

If you wear little day-to-day makeup, try Clarins Velvet Cleansing Milk. This creamy, non-greasy, and lightweight milk expertly dissolves all traces of makeup and eliminates impurities to leave you with super-fresh, radiant skin. Its lightweight texture and creamy finish makes this product perfect for those wanting a little added nourishment out of their cleansing routine, and don’t need anything too heavy duty. Infused with Golden Gentian and Lemon balm extracts, this non-greasy milk can be used both morning and evening for fresh, clean skin.

‘I want something super quick with a lightweight feel’

If you want a good skin care routine that’s as quick as it is effective, then try Clarins Cleansing Micellar Water with Alpine Golden Gentian and Lemon Balm extracts. This fresh, lightweight water is enriched with small spheres of cleansing agents (called ‘micelles’) designed to effectively and quickly eliminate impurities and makeup particles. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin types, this Cleansing Micellar Water is perfect for people who prefer a water-based texture. In just a few moments, your skin will be left clean, fresh, and radiant with all traces of makeup removed — even waterproof mascara!

‘I wear heavy, waterproof makeup’

If you regularly wear heavy foundation or waterproof makeup, you need a cleanser that’s prepared to tackle the strongest formulas. Clarins Total Cleansing Oil is composed of 47% Sunflower Oil which provides an indulgent texture and soft finish. Upon contact with water, this non-greasy cleanser emulsifies into a white milk, making it super easy to remove all traces of makeup in just a few moments. Combining a powerful and nourishing combination of Organic Fig and Aloe Vera extracts, Clarins Total Cleansing Oil expertly hydrates and softens the skin to leave you with a refreshed, makeup-free complexion.


Next up, what does a toner do and how do you use it? A toner is a water-like product that you gently sweep onto your skin following cleansing. What is toner for? Simple; it hydrates and nourishes the skin with powerful ingredients to give you a radiant, fresh complexion every day. By rebalancing the PH levels in your skin, it ensures moisture and hydration levels are maintained and helps to avoid nasty flare ups and blemishes.

Essentially, a cleanser removes the dirt and makeup from your pores so the beneficial ingredients in your toner, serum, and moisturiser can get exactly where they need to be. And just like cleansers, the best toner for you depends on multiple factors, such as specific skin concerns, texture preference, and skin type.

How to use a toner

Using a toner is super simple and the benefits are huge. Much like your cleanser, apply a splash of toner to a cotton pad and gently wipe it over your skin, being careful to avoid the eye contour area. Packed full of powerful and hydrating plant extracts such as Fig and Aloe Vera, our best-selling toner is Clarins Hydrating Toning Lotion. This alcohol-free lotion intensely hydrates the skin, making it feel fresh, comfortable, and soft to the touch.

Here’s how to choose the best toner for you...

‘My skin often feels tight, hot and uncomfortable after cleansing’

If you have sensitive or very dry skin, you may be nervous that a toner may only exacerbate the problem. However, choosing an effective toner that’s tailored to your skin type is essential to redress balance and restore comfort to your complexion. Infused with Purple Coneflower and Camomile extracts, Clarins Soothing Toning Lotion for dry/sensitive skin sends a shot of hydration straight to the source of discomfort, intensely soothing your complexion by rebalancing your skin’s natural microbiota (the bacteria that lives on skin to keep it healthy). The result? Tightness, redness, and imperfections are smoothed away, leaving a soft and refreshed complexion.

‘I have combination/oily skin - can a toner help?’

Yes! A toner or toning lotion tailored to oily or combination skin types will help to redress any lack of balance in the health of your skin. Busy lifestyles and environmental aggressors can accelerate sebum production, leading to inflammation, congestion, imperfections and breakouts. To combat the effects, try Clarins Toning Lotion with Iris for combination/oily skin to bring some much needed bounce and balance back to your complexion. Enriched with purifying Meadowsweet extract and Witch Hazel (a mild astringent), each application will soothe, heal, and gently lift away excess oil. To really see the effects, use daily after cleansing and before using serums or moisturisers as a part of a good skin care routine.

‘I need a lift - something to hydrate and brighten my overall skin tone’

Thanks to the gentle balance of natural ingredients in our microbiote complex (made with Seawater rich in nutritious minerals, and Chlorella, Kelp and Saffron Flower extracts), our gentle toning lotions leave skin completely clean and utterly radiant. After cleansing, Clarins Hydrating Toning Lotion for normal/dry skin lifts away every last trace of makeup, with Aloe Vera and Fig to soften any dry patches and counter dullness. Our gentle 100% alcohol-free formula means no tightness, too — so your face, neck, and decollete feel comforted and hydrated after each use. Ultra lightweight and refreshing, skin is left feeling soft and visibly brighter. Restore a little glow to your complexion — great skin is just a sweep away.

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