Clarins Top 10 Anti-Aging Tips

Gleaned from our in-house experts, our anti-aging tips are simple to understand, easy to follow and all about giving your face and body the treatment they deserve. Growing older is a beautiful, rewarding process and you deserve to feel confident whatever age you are. We believe in embracing and celebrating your age, which means loving the skin you’re in and making sure it’s kept gorgeously nourished and healthy. Read on for our tips on how to keep your skin as youthful and radiant as it deserves to be.

Our Best Anti-Aging Tips

1. Make SPF a daily staple
Sun damage is one of the main culprits for premature skin aging, so we say - prevention is the cure! It’s never too early to start protecting your skin from UVA/UVB rays, so make sure you’re using a face cream with SPF or applying Dry Touch Facial Sun Care UVA/UVB 50+ after your moisturiser and before makeup, no matter the weather. If you’re actively in the sun, make sure you top up your sun cream regularly too. If your skin is prone to flushing, burning or age spots, try and keep to the shade in bright sunshine and if you still want some colour on your skin, try a facial tanning booster to get that glow without seeking the sun.

2. No detail is too small
If you’ve got a specific area that niggles more than anywhere else, find a product tailored to that area. Whether it’s puffiness around the eyes or lines on your forehead, keep your products targeted for the best results. For help with wrinkles, try an intensive anti-aging mask to boost skin like our Extra-Firming Mask, formulated with green banana, lemon thyme and acerola fruit to smooth lines, firm sagging areas and restore radiance. Fine lines on your lips? Try our Extra-Firming Lip and Contour Balm with smoothing raspberry seed oil and nourishing shea butter for a fuller pout.

3. Know your skin type
Think you know your skin type? You may be one of the lucky few whose skin type remains steady, yet for most of us, skin changes as it matures - meaning your skin type in your 30s may seem quite different to your skin type in your 50s or 60s. When you can confidently identify your correct skin type, getting anti-aging help becomes that much easier with targeted products for your skin type as well as your anti-aging concern. All of Clarins’ moisturisers are tailored to the four main skin types - normal, combination, oily and dry. Not sure what skin type you are? Just head to a Clarins counter or speak to one of our customer service teams via telephone or on our website chat - we’ll be more than happy to help with a quick skin consultation.

4. Don’t forget your neck and décolleté
As we age, our oestrogen levels fall and collagen production declines, which means our skin begins to lose its firmness - especially in the neck and chest area where the skin is thinner. Couple this with "tech neck" - the result of constantly looking down at mobiles/laptops - and you can understand why forgetting about your neck is a big no-no. You can help prevent premature wrinkles with a neck care regime. We recommend massaging a little of your usual anti-aging day cream into your neck and décolleté, using gentle upward, circular strokes to avoid tugging the delicate skin. If your neck and décolleté already show signs of aging, try our Extra-Firming Neck Anti-Wrinkle Rejuvenating Cream to tone and firm. For more mature skin 45+, our Super Restorative Décolleté and Neck Concentrate actively lifts, smooths and diminishes the appearance of age spots.

5. Hand in hand
You may find that as your skin matures, your hands start to show signs of aging slightly faster than your face. Our hands are exposed to the elements every single day, all year round. From bacteria to pollutants to the sun, everything we come into contact with impacts the look and feel of our fingers. So, to keep your handshake soft and supple, make sure you're giving your busy hands some tender loving care. The best tool for the job? Our much-loved Hand and Nail Cream Treatment that softens, protects, hydrates and strengthens nails. For men, look no further than an intensive repair treatment with ClarinsMen Active Hand Care.

6. The eyes have it
As the skin around your eyes is particularly delicate, you may find it shows signs of aging more than anywhere else on your face. Target fine lines, deeper creases, dark circles and puffiness with a targeted eye cream. Whether you want a cooling, hydrating eye treatment, a contouring gel to define or a lifting, firming eye cream, we have an eye cream whatever your concern around the eyes may be. To help you discover the best eye cream for you, explore our guide to finding the right eye cream for your age group.

7. Why is a Serum important
Serums are our secret weapon for giving skin that extra boost and maximising the efficacy of our anti-aging creams. A special blend of oils, water and botanical extracts, each of our serums are formulated to protect, replenish and restore the deeper layers of skin. We recommend a serum targeted to your age group for ultimate results - try our Extra-Firming in your 40s and Super Restorative for 50s+ for lifting and smoothing effects. For an intensive treatment, our V Shaping Facial Lift serum is just the ticket for sculpting, firming and contouring. However, if you prefer a one-size-fits-all approach, try our multi-tasking skin saviour, Double Serum. Enriched with 21 plant extracts, Double Serum boosts radiance and gently lifts and smooths skin for a bright and youthful complexion.

8. 8 hours of sleep
One of our best anti-wrinkle tips? Forty winks, helped along with a nourishing night cream. When we sleep our skin goes into regeneration mode; replacing damaged and dead skin cells with new ones. This means a night-time skincare routine is essential in helping maximise our skin’s natural overnight repair process. Choosing a more concentrated product with the right active ingredients – for example, tetrapeptide to encourage cellular renewal and prevent thinning and harungana to stimulate collagen synthesis and restore skin density – can hugely help reduce puffiness and dullness, while reducing the signs of ageing. We recommend using a night cream targeted to your age group - try our Multi-Active in your 30s, Extra-Firming in your 40s and Super Restorative in your 50s+. A night cream is a richer, more potent formula than your day cream; infused with natural antioxidant ingredients to reach the deeper layers of skin, repairing and regenerating while you sleep. Quickly need to fake a full night’s rest? Hydrate and smooth with an anti-aging eye cream to cool and depuff, then follow up with a flash of concealer.

9. Beautiful body
While skin covers your entire body, the concentration of skin cells changes from your head to your toes. The skin on your face, for example, contains less skin cells - and is thinner - than the skin on your legs, making it more prone to premature ageing. However, losing elasticity in our skin as we age coupled with dryness and dehydration can cause the skin on our bodies to lose tone, too - so both need to be looked after! Combat the effects of aging by keeping your body well moisturised - especially on rougher areas like your hands, feet, elbows and knees. The second step is toning. Try our Super Restorative Body Cream to lift and firm any areas that need contouring and our Renew-Plus Body Serum to smooth away the appearance of fine lines and deeper wrinkles. The third step, glow - finish with a body oil to give skin added moisture and radiance.

10. Consistency is key
Maintaining an anti-aging routine is the best way to see a difference in your skin (and you’ll reap the benefits over time, too). We recommend treating your anti-aging skin care as some much needed me-time, both morning and night. If you have a little more time, why not light a candle and bring the spa to your home with treatments top to toe?

Feeling ready to give your skin that extra tender loving care? Explore our anti-aging skin care guide and discover our full anti-aging range for 30+ skin.

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