Which face mask should I use for my skin type?

The beauty of a face mask lies in its ability to target your specific skin concerns, while at the same time minimising pores, hydrating the epidermis (the third and outermost layer of the skin) and encouraging blood circulation. A face mask can be used to target both permanent skin problems linked to your skin type – such as acne caused by oily skin – and occasional skin concerns caused as a result of your lifestyle choices – such as a lack of sleep, alcohol, sunburn, extreme weather conditions, stress or pollution. So, it’s official – if you’re looking to achieve a flawless, fresh complexion, you simply can’t ignore the replenishing power of a good face mask.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know which one will address your individual needs and use the right combination of natural nutrients to infuse radiant magic into your complexion. At Clarins, we observe and learn from the natural behaviour of plants in various environments. We then combine these benefits with active and sensorial textures into our products, to breathe life back into your skin. Our guide will help you choose the right face mask for your skin type, so you can be confident your skin is getting the nutrition and care it needs. We’ll also cover how to use some of Clarins’ best-loved masks so you can enjoy gorgeous skin, day after day.

What face mask is good for dry skin?

If your skin isn’t producing enough of its natural oil – called sebum – it can become patchy and flaky, which can leave it looking a little dull. External factors can play a role too; cold weather, excessive washing and dry air can all strip the skin it of its natural moisture.

So, are face masks good for dry skin ? Absolutely. Face masks are perfect for dialling up the hydration and are often more moisturising than a lotion or oil. So, if you need to pour life back into dehydrated skin, try our Clarins SOS Hydra Face Mask – a moisturising treat for thirsty faces. . Organic Leaf of Life extract helps to power the skin’s natural hydration process to encourage multi-level hydration, while Hyaluronic Acid acts like a sponge to retain water inside the skin, giving an immediate plumping effect. This super-refreshing cream-gel will quench and moisturise skin in just ten minutes, providing a reinvigorating dose of much-needed moisture.

Clarins SOS Hydra Mask: How to use

Place a warm cloth onto the skin to open up your pores first and start with an exfoliator – we love our Gentle Peeling Away Cream . Next, apply the mask in a generous, even layer – avoiding the eye area – and leave on for ten minutes to allow your skin time to fully soak up the goodness! Then, gently remove the product with warm water and follow with a toner, such as our Toning Lotion With Camomile.

What face mask is good for oily skin?

Skin can get oily as a result of overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands found under its surface. While the right amount of oil helps to maintain a healthy level of moisture, excess oil can lead to clogged pores and nasty spots, sometimes even acne. So, what face mask is good for pimples?

For oilier skin types, we recommend our SOS Pure Face Mask – a clay based formula that uses Alpine Willow Herb extract to reduce the look of shiny skin to create a mattifying finish. This non-drying, rich and creamy texture helps to purify your complexion and tighten pores in just ten minutes, leaving skin toned and purified so you no longer have to battle against a shiny forehead! With a combination of clays – Kaolin and Green Clay – this mask absorbs impurities and boosts the skin’s natural radiance. What’s more, by targeting excess oil and rebalancing your skin, it’ll make you less prone to nasty breakouts, too – a real skin-saviour.

Clarins SOS Pure Mask: How to use

Open up your pores by splashing warm water on your face, then gently exfoliate using our Gentle Peeling Away Cream . Wash away any excess and apply the SOS Pure Mask generously to your skin – taking care to avoid the eye area. Leave on for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse. Next, cleanse using our Toning Lotion With Iris to further help nourish and mattify oily skin. Follow these steps regularly to combat breakouts and blemishes and maintain healthy skin.

What face mask is good for combination skin?

Typically characterised by an oily forehead, nose and chin but with dry cheeks, balancing combination skin can seem like an impossible task. But with the right products, you can give your skin the nourishment it needs – in every area.

We love the Clarins SOS Pure Mask which is perfect for tackling both combination and oily skin. Alpine Willow Herb helps to minimise shine and mattify skin, while the clay-based formula nourishes those dry areas, too. Truly the perfect combination.

What face mask is good for super-nourished, hydrated skin?

A brilliant, all-round face mask for replenishing and soothing the skin is our Clarins SOS Comfort Mask . The ultra-rich balm softens and comforts in as little as ten minutes, using Wild Mango Butter to nourish and soften the skin and Mango Oil to protect against dehydration. If you need a quick, hydrating fix, this mask will leave your skin intensely nourished and super-soft./p>

Clarins SOS Comfort Mask: How to use

Begin by gently exfoliating away any dead skin cells with our Gentle Peeling Away Cream. Then, apply the mask in a thick layer, avoiding the eye area and leave for ten minutes. Gently rub in the excess product or remove it using a cotton pad soaked in lotion. Follow up with our Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion to cleanse.

What face mask is good for targeting the signs of aging?

At Clarins, we’re pro-aging, which means we believe in caring for and loving the skin you’re in no matter what age you are. Our favourite formula for keeping aging skin soft and supple? Our Extra-Firming Mask , which leaves skin visibly more radiant in just ten minutes. This sensorial, mauve-tinted balm deeply targets tension lines to reduce the effects of stress and fatigue on the skin. Containing extracts of Banana and Lemon Thyme to boost firmness and Acerola Fruit to aid oxygenation, this collagen-boosting formula can be used as both an intense, overnight skin treatment or as a fast and efficient mask. However you choose to you use it, your skin will be left radiant and more balanced, giving you the confidence to flaunt your bare skin – whatever your age.

Clarins Extra-Firming Mask: How to use

Apply the formula generously to your face, breathing in the deliciously relaxing aroma as you do. Leave on for seven to ten minutes, then gently rinse off. Skin will be instantly softer and as beautifully nourished as you deserve it to be.

What face mask is good for targeting both the face and neck area?

The neck is one of the first areas to show signs of aging, so if you’re looking for a product to nourish and hydrate beyond just your face, look no further than our Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum-Mask . The mask’s pliable, naturally-derived fabric moulds gently to the contours of the face and neck, delivering an immediate lifting and plumping effect.

Clarins Super Restorative Instant Lift Serum-Mask: How to use

Remove the sheet mask from the pack and gently unfold it. Starting with the forehead, slowly place the mask over your face and neck area, ensuring the mouth and nose openings line up where they should. Leave the mask to sit for fifteen minutes then, once removed, smooth the excess product gently into the skin.

What face mask is best for brightening your complexion?

If your skin is feeling dull and lacklustre – due to intense weather conditions or pollution, perhaps – a brightening mask can help breathe life back into your face. Our Shaping Facial Lift V Facial Intensive Wrap is an instant-fix masque for a more refined, radiant skin tone. With a luxuriously creamy texture, this face mask uses extracts of Beautyberry, Zerumbet and Horse Chestnut to visibly brighten skin after just one use. This pioneering mask will intensely and instantly alleviate your face from dullness, providing a natural, fresh glow.

Shaping Facial Lift V Facial Intensive Wrap: How to use

Apply a thick layer of the mask to cleansed, dry skin, avoiding the eye contour. Leave to soak into your skin for ten minutes, then rinse with cold water. For optimal sculpting results, make sure you follow the exclusive application method enclosed in the instructions.

A face mask for every occasion (and skin type!)

Ready for fresh, more radiant skin? We’ve got you. Browse the full range of Clarins face masks to find one that’ll make your skin glow with goodness. And to ensure you’re getting the most out of your routine, read our guide on face masks which covers everything you need to super-charge your complexion in fifteen minutes or less. How’s that for effective, time-conscious beauty?

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