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Which foundation is best for my skin?

A natural-looking, even, smooth and radiant complexion... that’s what everyone dreams of!
But not all skin has the same needs: every person has a different foundation according to their skin type, colour and age.

Developed with all the skincare expertise of Clarins Laboratories, our foundations offer you flawless make-up results. And it doesn’t stop there! Because a perfect complexion begins with healthy skin, Clarins extracts the best of plants to infuse each of their foundations with goodness, so that the skin exudes well-being and beauty.

A variety of shades and different coverages, holds, and textures are available for each skin type. Find out how to choose your perfect match for a glowing complexion day after day!

01 Can a foundation also be a skincare product?

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More than just make-up, each Clarins foundation is a genuine skincare product that beautifies, moisturises and protects your skin while letting it breathe. Their secret? These exceptional formulas are the results of the expertise from Clarins Laboratories - specialists in anti-aging skincare products - and draw their effectiveness from the heart of nature to strengthen the skin barrier and enhance your natural beauty.

Offering various levels of coverage, correcting blemishes and imperfections, masking fine lines, and available with a matte or barely-there finish, each foundation contains Clarins Anti‑Pollution Complex, which protects the skin from everyday aggressions and preserves its natural radiance. Never has make‑up taken such good care of skin!

02 Which foundation is best for a natural-looking and radiant glow?

Skin Illusion packshot

Are you looking for radiant, glowing skin? Discover the irresistible bare-skin effect of Skin Illusion SPF 15: a liquid foundation that provides subtle and luminous coverage and has a translucent finish. Its invisible serum texture envelops the skin yet leaves behind a nude sensation.

A large shade range to suit every skin tone. At the heart of its formula, red jania extract, organic milk thistle oil and organic leaf of life work together to moisturise the skin and enhance the complexion. A few drops applied using your fingertips are enough to achieve a natural glow!

03 How can I mattify my skin and regulate excess oiliness?

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Does your skin tend to look shiny, especially around the T-zone? Does it have small imperfections and excess oil that you could do without? Use Instant Concealer to get a velvet-effect matte complexion with an extremely natural finish! Developed with the same high standards as a face cream, Instant Concealer is Clarins' only long-lasting concealer that reduces shine in minutes.

A true scientific feat from Clarins Laboratories, its formula, boasting many plant extracts, evens out and enhances the complexion, reduces shine and blurs imperfections and pores. Say goodbye to small imperfections: your skin is more beautiful day after day!

04 Which foundation is best for a perfect complexion?

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Does life sometimes seem like a marathon? Clarins has developed Everlasting Foundation, the foundation endures the everyday obstacles that come its way. A formula that’s high-coverage and long-lasting, leaving your complexion looking flawless every day, without fail. Your skin is evened out, concealed and softened, appearing evenly matte as a result.

A truly remarkable product that provides exceptional coverage, is lightweight and infuses the skin with moisture for unparalleled comfort. Its plant-based formula hydrates the epidermis, strengthens the skin's barrier and fights against the harmful effects of pollution, for more beautiful skin every day. You can take on any challenge that comes your way: your complexion is always flawless! To thoroughly remove your foundation, use Clarins Total Cleansing Oil, a Clarins make-up remover that has been specially formulated to remove heavy make-up.

05 How can I brighten my complexion and uncover my skin's vitality in a single step?

Everlasting Youth Fluid packshot

The result of 3 years of research by Clarins Laboratories, Everlasting Youth Fluid foundation is your partner for a fresh, ultra-bright, youthful complexion. It’s a liquid foundation with a comfortable texture that brightens the complexion, blurs spots and erases imperfections, thanks to its unique combination of pigments, rosy pearls and soft-focus powders.

For a perfect complexion without foundation, don’t forget to properly remove your make-up and cleanse your skin every night without fail. If wearing foundation or SPF, we recommend double cleansing in the evening and starting with the Total Cleansing Oil then following up with a cleanser that best suits your skin type, such as:

  • Soothing Gentle Foaming Cleanser
  • Hydrating Gentle Cleanser
  • Purifying Gentle Cleanser

  • With time, its formula with chicory and red jania extracts enhances the skin's radiance while strengthening its firmness. A youth concentrate that combines the best of Clarins make-up and anti-wrinkle cream expertise.

    06 How do I boost the radiance of my foundation?

    Everlasting Product packshot next to Double Serum product

    Add a drop of Double Serum to your liquid foundation every day to boost its effectiveness: packed with 20 plant extracts, this iconic serum acts on all signs of aging, evens out skin tone and revives the skin's vitality.

    A radiance booster, its non-greasy, silky, two-phase texture melts onto the skin, leaving it satiny-smooth and with an unparalleled glow. Combined with your foundation, it will dramatically increase its effectiveness for an incredibly radiant make-up result that's simply perfect! An expert tip which you can use to your heart's content so that you can have beautiful skin every day.

    07 How to correctly apply liquid foundation?

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    We have two methods of how to apply your liquid foundation seamlessly, whether that’s if you prefer to use your fingers to apply the product or with a wide, flat brush.

    Option 1: By using your fingers for a natural‑looking result

    1. Take a small amount of the product and warm it between your hands.
    2. With your fingertips, place some of the product in the centre of the face and then spread it outward in small circular motions.
    3. Make sure to blend well into the hairline, neck, nose, chin and eyebrows. Finish by lightly tapping the entire face.

    Option 2: By using a brush for higher coverage

    A popular technique among professional make-up artists, applying foundation with a brush is more precise, as long as you use the right techniques.

    1. First and foremost, choose a wide, flat brush designed for foundation, which will distribute the product without it looking heavy.
    2. Place a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand, then dab a little onto the brush.
    3. Apply in small strokes and then spread over the entire face. Blend the remaining traces and admire the result! Enhance your complexion with the intense Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D or our Waterproof Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D.

    08 How to find the perfect foundation?

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    We have a Clarins foundation for every skin tone.

    Light coverage or a more intense hold. Matte or satiny finish. A velvety or second-skin, barely there feeling. Shades and undertones that perfectly match every colour of skin. The ultimate guide for a flawless complexion!

    09 Which beauty routine should I follow for the perfect complexion?

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    1. Start by using a Clarins exfoliating product twice a week to remove dead skin cells and reveal your skin’s natural radiance. Skin is soft, smooth and radiant, and ready to soak up your beauty products!

    2. Next, apply a Clarins moisturising cream suited to your skin type. This is an essential step in your skincare routine as it ensures that your foundation is evenly distributed and perfectly blended onto the skin. For a natural finish.

    3. Your skin is now ready for your favourite foundation. Apply it using your fingertips or a brush. Make sure not to be heavy-handed...

    4. The final touch: a little bit of anti-dark circle eye cream to brighten your look and mask imperfections. Your skin is perfect with or without make-up!

    Your complexion is even, smooth and radiant. Simply flawless!


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