How do I choose the right foundation for me?

An infinite range of shades, multiple benefits, a host of different textures... there are as many foundations as there are women, which makes it difficult to find the right one for you. The perfect foundation that gives you flawless skin in seconds. Clarins brings you its tips to finding the right one for you.

1. Choose a texture that feels right.

Once you've found the right range for you, you'll need to home in on the texture that feels best on your skin. Whether liquid, powder or cushion, each Clarins foundation range offers a host of different textures to suit all needs and preferences. Over to you!

2. Aim for perfection!

The perfect foundation should conceal all blemishes for a flawless finish. This means you will need to choose your foundation based on your skin type and what you want to correct. If you want to reduce shine and shrink large pores, try the PORE PERFECTING MATTIFYING FOUNDATION. For anti-aging impact, go for the Multi-Active foundations to make skin firmer and smoother. For blemish-free, long-lasting results, go for the Everlasting Foundation + formula. Want to get the radiant, ultra-nude look? Try our Skin Illusion foundation.

The Clarins ranges let you choose a foundation that's perfectly suited to your skin's needs.

3. Enjoy shades that blend seamlessly in with your natural skin tone

To avoid getting a 'mask-like' effect, you'll need to choose the colour of your foundation based on your skin tone. Always go for a shade that matches your natural skin tone, or is slightly lighter. For example, if you have pink undertones, go for a beige or pinky beige foundation. If you have a yellowish complexion, we recommend you choose a pinky beige or neutral shade to correct your undertones. If you have olive skin, show off your natural glow with apricot or golden shades.

4. Try our Foundation Finder.

Still undecided? Try our Foundation Finder! This tool helps you find your dream foundation in a matter of clicks. Simply answer the questions about your skin tone, blemishes, finish and coverage, and let us take care of the rest. Ready to give it a go?

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