What serums does Clarins offer?

1. Serums the Clarins way

Clarins’ serums are a perfect example of what happens when the powers of plants and technology are combined; a concentrate of the very best active ingredients for a tailor-made solution to all skin’s needs. Serums are quickly and easily absorbed, leaving skin primed and ready for subsequent skincare products.

2. A serum to suit every need

Clarins offers a serum tailored to each skin type. For oily skin, reach for the Pore Control serum, which visibly tightens dilated pores, improves uneven skin texture and revives radiance. If you have pigmentation issues (spots, discolouration, dark patches, dullness, redness), opt for the Mission Perfection serum. As its name suggests, this serum creates a fresh, luminous glow and a perfectly even complexion. And finally, if your skin tends to feel dry and dehydrated, replenish moisture levels with the Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum for intensive thirst-quenching.

3. Double Serum

From the age of 25, keep skin looking fresh, youthful and radiant with the Double Serum. This ground-breaking serum draws on a dual-phase hydric and lipidic formula to stimulate the skin's five essential functions (hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration and protection). Week after week, wrinkles look visibly smoother, skin appears firmer and the complexion glows. Still not sure? Pinpoint the perfect serum for you thanks to the Clarins Serum Finder.

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Can I use the same product day and night?

To keep skin hydrated, Clarins has developed a range of complementary day and night products and is on hand with all the information you need to choose the right one for you.

What are the benefits of Clarins’ oils?

Oils lie at the heart of Clarins' expertise. Discover the benefits of essential oils and find the right Clarins oil to suit your needs.

Which face oil is right for me?

The Clarins face oil is one of the brand's most iconic products and comes in a range of different versions depending on your skin type, including: dry, sensitive, oily and combination skin oils.