How to get rid of eye wrinkles

At Clarins, we believe in growing old gracefully and loving the skin you’re in no matter your age. We think eye wrinkles when smiling are a sign of a happy, healthy life and something that should be celebrated and cherished — they’re called laughter lines for a reason!

However, it’s possible to love the skin you’re in and still want to nourish and protect it as best you can. That’s why Clarins has a range of powerful, plant-based products that help to keep your skin as hydrated, soft, and youthful-looking as can be — without the need for any drastic changes or invasive procedures. Simple, effective products packed full of soothing, anti-aging, and intensely nourishing ingredients; that’s what you can expect from Clarins.

What is the best eye cream for wrinkles?

So if you’re wondering how to get rid of under eye wrinkles and crow’s feet, Clarins is here to help. While we can never eliminate eye wrinkles entirely — and nor should we want to! — Clarins has a range of products that can help to minimise their appearance if you prefer a smoother look. By expertly redensifying and plumping the skin around the eye area, you’ll be left with a well-rested, more youthful-looking appearance with signs of wrinkles visibly reduced.

Clarins Total Eye Lift is our brand new to 2021 eye cream that expertly lifts and tightens the eye area for a smooth, replenished look. Infused with Harungana extract for its long-term lift effect and Cassie Wax for its instant smoothing magic, this nourishing gel-cream texture cools and hydrates the eye area to leave your under-eye wrinkles smoothed and super-soft. And the goodness doesn’t stop there, Total Eye Lift helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness too with Horse Chestnut, Albizia, Guarana and Caffeine extracts.

Alternatively, why not try our best-selling anti-aging serum, Clarins Double Serum? Packed full of 21 active plant extracts, Double Serum acts on the appearance of major signs of skin aging to leave you with radiant, firm, and effortlessly beautiful skin. Expertly smoothing fine lines with a powerful combination of Oat, Banana, and Turmeric extracts, 90% of women agree that regular use of Double Serum gives them visibly smoother skin. With a rotating push button that delivers a made-to-measure dose of serum, this powerful concentrate is the UK’s best-selling anti-aging product — and for good reason.

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