Clarins’ guide to hand care

From hugging and playing to washing and exercising; our hands play a hugely important role in our lives. We use them to express ourselves, to show our affection, and to complete most of our everyday tasks.

At Clarins, we believe your hardworking hands need (and deserve!) as much loving care as the rest of your body. So here’s our expert guide on how to look after your hands, with a selection of products scientifically proven to work a little magic on your skin.

Firstly, what causes dry hands?

There are many reasons why our hands may sometimes become dry. Frequent hand washing, for example, can strip skin of its necessary moisture, leaving it irritated and in need of nourishment. Dry air, dehydration, and some prescribed medications are all other causes of dry hands that tend to leave skin flakey and parched.

How to treat dry hands

At Clarins, we have a range of powerful, plant-infused products that will pour life back into dehydrated, irritated hands. So if yours have been busy lately and need some nourishment, here are three intensely comforting products that’ll have them looking and feeling beautiful again in no time.

Three plant-powered products to soothe and comfort dry hands

Firstly, our best-selling hand cream that soothes even the driest of palms; Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream. Forming a protective glove upon the skin’s surface that shields hands from the elements, this luxurious hand cream uses Shea Butter extract and Sesame Oil to nourish and comfort. Its creamy, non-sticky texture provides immediate and intense relief to thirsty skin, and its 100ml size makes it perfect for popping in your bag to keep dry hands at bay while on-the-go.

If you prefer a lighter application, Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Lotion offers the same intense nourishment, but with a gorgeously lightweight texture. Expertly soothing the skin from your wrists to your fingertips, this delicate moisturiser uses extracts of Mulberry and Shea Butter to soften rough, chapped, and irritated skin. With an easy-to-use pump feature, this treatment lotion is perfect for leaving by the sink to restore moisture to freshly washed hands. As well as nourishing skin, Myrrh extract strengthens and conditions your nails and cuticles, leaving you free to get on with your daily routine — without a dry hand in sight.

And finally, an anti-aging hand cream from our Super Restorative range. Clarins Super Restorative Age-Control Hand Cream expertly targets signs of aging with Harangana extract, which re-densifies hands and prevents the skin from sagging. Supported by a powerful concoction of plant extracts — such as Baobab to smooth the texture of your nails and Montpellier Rock-rose to reduce the appearance of dark spots — this age-defying cream keeps hands plumped and youthful-looking. With a creamy, non-greasy texture that melts deeply into the skin, hands are left soft and supple — no matter what your age.

Taking care of yourself with Clarins

At Clarins, we believe in taking care of your skin every day and in every way. And with over 50 years of beauty expertise, our products are lovingly prepped to soothe and nourish you from tip to toe, all year round. So, now you know how to take care of your hands, how can you look after the rest of your body?

We have lots of useful guides to help you make sure you’re taking the very best care of your skin. From which face cream to use depending on your age group and how to reduce the appearance of stretch marks to our expert guide on exfoliating your body — improve your skincare routine today with our range of beauty FAQs.

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