Saggy eyelids: how can I improve loss of firmness around the eye area?

Drooping eyelids can make you appear older than you are. And if you’ve noticed the skin around your eye area starting to sag, leaving you with crepey eyelids, you may be looking for a product to help reduce that skin slackness.

At Clarins, we want women to feel effortlessly beautiful and comfortable every single day, which is why we’ve used over 60 years of skincare expertise to create products that target women’s specific skin and beauty concerns, including crepey eyelids. So if your eyelids are drooping and you’re looking for a targeted treatment, Clarins is here to help.

The best product for crepey eyelids

A ‘lifted’ look is a major beauty concern for women of all ages, and if you’re wondering how to tighten eyelids, you’re in luck. Our brand new to 2021 eye cream, Total Eye Lift, is the ultimate crepey eyelids treatment — expertly formulated to smooth and uplift the eyelids for a fresh, intense, and wide-eyed look.

And as with all of Clarins’ lovingly crafted skincare products, Total Eye Lift is packed full of powerful, plant-based ingredients that’ll work magic on your skin. Boosting the synthesis of collagen I and III, Harungana extract is Clarins’ most efficient anti-aging ingredient, providing an intensive and long-term ‘lift’ effect, while Cassie Wax is particularly rich in fatty acids and helps to instantly smooth the skin’s appearance. Horse Chestnut and Albizia extracts reduce the appearance of dark circles, Guarana and Caffeine work hard to reduce eye puffiness, and Shea Butter extract hydrates and comforts — perfect for moisturising and soothing crepey eyelids.

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