What’s the best cleanser for acne-prone skin?

When looking for a face cleanser for acne-prone skin, it’s important to choose a gentle product that doesn’t clog your pores and contribute to nasty flare ups. You want to avoid anything too harsh or chemical-based, instead opting for soothing products made especially with more sensitive skin in mind.

Cleansers for acne-prone skin

With over 60 years of skincare expertise, we know how uncomfortable acne-prone skin can be. So at Clarins, we have nourishing and gentle cleansers crafted specifically to calm and soothe irritable, sensitive complexions.

As acne-prone skin is often tender and sore, you’ll want to avoid using a face scrub for acne, as the mini particles used for exfoliation can irritate and upset sensitive skin. Instead, we recommend using a gentle face wash for acne-prone skin such as Clarins Cleansing Micellar Water. With no added oil or harsh ingredients, this fresh and lightweight cleanser is designed to eliminate impurities and makeup for fresh, clean skin. Infused with Alpine Golden Gentian and Lemon Balm extracts grown at Le Domaine Clarins, this gentle cleanser uses environmentally-friendly and soothing ingredients to help calm skin and avoid nasty breakouts. Acne-prone skin needs hydration, too, so this micellar water for acne contains Organic Fig and Aloe Vera extracts that intensely moisturise and comfort.

Created especially for sensitive skin types, this micellar water should help soothe and soften your acne-prone skin. However, no two complexions are the same, so if you find your skin is still becoming irritated, you may need to find something even more gentle.

Alternatively, reach for Clarins Purifying Gentle Foaming Cleanser; a soothing formula packed with targeted ingredients which respect and preserve the skin’s natural moisture balance, helping to neutralise the drying effects of hard water.

Expert skincare from Clarins

At Clarins, we want you to feel as beautiful in your own skin as possible. So if that’s simply moisturising your acne-prone skin every morning and evening with gentle products, we have day creams for sensitive skin for you. If it’s smoothing over your blemishes with foundation or concealer, we have a range of plant-based products that are perfect for covering blemish-prone skin.

Read Clarins’ guides on how to conceal spots and how to soothe redness for more of our expert skincare tips and tricks.

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