How can I smooth out under-eye puffiness?

1. What causes under-eye puffiness?

The skin in the eye contour area is extremely thin and delicate, and has a tendency to crease and darken easily. The skin here can swell, especially overnight, and take on a puffy appearance. When you wake and throughout the day, your eyes look tired and drawn. Poor lifestyle or excess weight can also cause puffiness under the eyes.

2. Your anti-puffiness routine

To smooth away puffiness under the eyes, use an eye contour product that targets puffiness and is suitable for your skin type. Try the Eye Contour Gel, designed for all women and skin types. If you have under-eye puffiness and circles, this is the eye contour care you absolutely must add to your beauty routine. In just a few easy steps, dark circles are faded, puffiness is soothed, and your eyes look bright and clear. Travelling long distance? Suffering from insomnia? Got a late night planned? If you know in advance that you won't be getting much sleep, apply the gel beforehand for effective action while you sleep.

3. Get into good habits.

Water levels in your skin tissue are the main factor in whether or not you suffer from puffiness under the eyes. As well as using the right products, drain excess fluid from the eye contour area to prevent water retention. Gently tap the eye contour with your fingertips, working from the inner corner to the outer corner. Repeat several times to boost blood flow and encourage lymphatic drainage. Combined with your eye contour gel, this technique will help banish puffiness for beautiful eyes.

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