What should I do if the skin on my body is really dry and dehydrated?

1. Why is my skin dry?

If your skin feels tight or itchy at the slightest hint of some change in the air, then you have dry skin. Dry skin is lacking in moisture and lipids. This deficiency means the hydrolipidic film is unable to play its protective role on the surface of the skin. Skin becomes more sensitive to the world around it. Freezing cold weather, spikes in pollution levels and harsh winds can all easily cause damage. Skin then becomes less supple and tighter, the complexion is less smooth and redness appears on the surface.

2. Exfoliate your body

It's important to exfoliate your body once or twice a week to remove roughness caused by dry skin. Try the Tonic Body Polisher with its oily texture, which stimulates body and mind for a wonderful experience. Its formula uses salt and sugar crystals to eliminate dead skin cells without damaging the hydrolipidic film. In no time at all, skin is left soft, supple and revitalised.

3. Nourish!

You need to pamper dry skin by replenishing it with all the ingredients it needs and by helping to restore its hydrolipidic film. To this end, try the Super Moisture Balm with its nourishing shea butter and orange blossom wax. Its ultra-rich texture softens roughness and improves skin tone for a softer feel, leaving skin smooth and supple.

Trust us, your dry skin will thank you...

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