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What’s the best skincare routine for me?

The basics of any skincare routine tend to follow the same formula: cleanse, tone and moisturise (in that order). These golden rules form the foundation of our own guiding principles at Clarins thanks to their incredible efficacy and positive long-term effects in caring for your skin.

The best skincare routine for you, however, depends on two main factors: your skin type and your lifestyle. Whether you suffer from breakouts, dryness, sensitivity or just want to bring some radiance to a dull complexion, ultimately any good skincare routine has to be maintained to see results.

If your lifestyle is hectic and the thought of a daily skincare routine with multiple steps fills you with dread, then you need quick, multitasking products that are gentle yet effective when it comes to cleansing, toning, and moisturising your skin. Alternatively, if you have more time to spend or just enjoy the calming self-care and indulgent ritual of a skincare regime at the end of the day, a multi-step cleansing routine can be the key to truly beautiful skin.

Since 1954, Clarins have championed the efficacy and potency of natural ingredients. We truly believe in the transformative power of nature to heal, soothe, hydrate, and calm — delivering radiant results time and again. Here, we’ll take you through our expert face cleansing steps for the ultimate skincare routine, with tips on how to tailor your own personal daily skincare routine to your lifestyle — making the very best of what Mother Nature gave you.

Clarins skincare routine: Step 1 - Cleansing

The steps to your face cleansing routine depend on the product you’re using — some are no-rinse formulas, for example — but as a general rule, apply a small amount of cleansing product to a cotton pad, then sweep this gently over your face, neck and decollete in gentle, upward sweeping strokes, taking care not to drag or pull on the skin.

If you wear heavy makeup and/or suffer from breakouts or congestion, double cleansing can give your skin a deeper cleanse. Try Clarins Cleansing Micellar Water, suitable for all skin types, to remove every last trace of makeup before cleansing. If you favour heavier makeup or waterproof/long-wear formulas, Clarins Total Cleansing Oil is ideal to whisk away makeup (including waterproof makeup) as well as any residue from the day. To double cleanse, use a foaming cleanser or cleansing milk afterwards to refresh and soften your skin (make sure you choose the right cleanser according to your skin type)!

Clarins top tip

For busy days and busier lives, Clarins One-Step Cleansers are a skincare routine essential. Simply apply to a clean cotton pad and sweep over your face, neck and decollete for a gentle, comforting cleanse — with no need to rinse! Available in 2 varieties; one for all skin types and one for those with sensitive/extra dry skin.

Clarins skincare routine: Step 2 - Toning

If you’re looking for a quick and simple skincare routine, you may be tempted to skip toner and go straight to using a moisturiser post-cleanse. Yet toners are an underrated part of any good skincare routine, helping to rebalance, refresh, and rejuvenate your complexion. Clarins toning lotions work to rebalance the skin’s natural microbiota and nourish every pore with the very best that nature has to offer.

To use a toning lotion, simply apply a small amount to a cotton pad (about the size of a 50 pence piece will do) and gently wipe the cotton pad over your face, neck, and decollete in long sweeping motions, avoiding the sensitive skin around your eyes. Our bestselling toner, Clarins Hydrating Toning Lotion, is ideal for normal to dry skin (try Soothing for dry/sensitive skin types or our Purifying Toning Lotion for oily/combination skin). All our toners are created with an alcohol-free formula to soften and hydrate, leaving skin comfortable, smooth, and completely clean.

Clarins top tip

To get that spa treatment feeling at home, use your hands to apply your toner to your face. Simply dispense a small amount of product onto your fingers, then apply to skin with light pressing motions, moving from the centre of your forehead outward toward the temples. Repeat this action from your nose, then to cheeks and your jawline, finishing with your neck and decollete.

Clarins skincare routine: Step 3 - Moisturising

After cleansing and toning, moisturising is the final step of a basic good skincare routine. Moisturisers help to soften, smooth, and plump skin, combatting textural irregularities, redness, dryness and any tight feeling left from cleansing and toning. Use a moisturiser twice daily — using a day cream in the morning and a night cream before bed.

Day creams tend to be lighter in consistency with ingredients to help protect your skin against environmental aggressors — the most common being SPF to safeguard your complexion against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Day creams also help to soften and prime your skin, leaving the perfect canvas for makeup.

Night creams are far richer, packed with powerful skin-loving ingredients to rehydrate and replenish your complexion while you sleep. Clarins day and night creams are each formulated with the most potent plant ingredients to naturally soothe, soften and heal for your best skin yet.

To apply, squeeze a small amount of moisturiser onto your fingers (around the size of a 5 pence piece should be enough to cover your face, neck and decollete). Gently press your fingertips across your forehead, nose and cheeks, then use long sweeping strokes across your jawline, up to your temples and across your neck and decollete for the final flourish of your skincare routine.

‘What’s the most important part of my face cleansing routine?’

Choosing the right cleanser is a vital first step to any good skincare routine. Cleansers are formulated to not only remove makeup, sweat and the residue of the day but also remove dead skin cells and soothe skin after exposure to environmental aggressors (pollution, sun exposure, etc) which can lead to inflammation.

A good cleanser or face wash will act as a makeup remover, as well as addressing any concerns you may have as a result of your skin type (for example, blemishes and congestion for oily skin, dry patches and redness for dry or sensitive skin). The right cleanser for your skin type will heal and soothe as well as cleanse, leaving skin feeling completely refreshed and revitalised.

Oily skin types may favour foaming cleansers for a squeaky clean feel, whereas dry or sensitive skin types may prefer cleansing milk for a more comforting cleanse. Different formulas work for different skin types and you may want to try a few before finding a firm favourite — but ultimately it all comes down to personal preference.

Discover Clarins cleansers for oily skin, combination skin, dry/sensitive skin and normal skin. Not sure which skin type you have? Why not try our virtual consultation service to find out?

‘Should I add any more steps to my daily skincare routine?’

To give your skin an added boost as part of your beauty routine, why not try a serum? Applied to skin after cleansing and toning and before moisturising, serums help to address a multitude of skincare concerns, such as textural irregularities, large pores, dullness, uneven tone and fine lines. Clarins Double Serum is our ‘facial in a bottle’; a potent blend of 21 plant ingredients formulated to restore bounce, radiance and give you that ‘glow’ from within.

‘What’s the difference between a morning beauty routine and a nighttime beauty routine? Do I need both?’

A morning beauty routine often involves fewer steps than a nighttime beauty routine as you need to remove makeup, sweat, pollution and the general grime of the day with your nighttime skincare regime.

A morning beauty routine should be quick, simple and effective. We recommend using a comforting cleanser, such as Clarins Velvet Cleansing Milk, to hydrate and refresh your skin for the perfect canvas pre-moisturiser, SPF and makeup.

A nighttime beauty routine should maintain the golden 3 face care steps — cleanse, tone and moisturise, perhaps with an added makeup remover pre-cleanser if you’ve worn heavy makeup that day or feel your skin would benefit from double cleansing. If your facial routine needs a little boost, why not use a mask after cleansing or a serum after toning? The perfect way to bring a ‘spa’ feel to your weekly beauty routine, both are a real treat for the skin and a great way to rejuvenate your complexion, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and glowing.

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