Which oil is good for skin tightening?

What can I use to tighten skin?

Helping you tone and tighten skin is a complexion dream we can help with. Clarins restorative treatments, such as our Super Restorative Treatment Essence, help to address signs of aging such as enlarged pores, reduced skin elasticity and loss in tone.

Serums are great way to intensively tone and tighten skin from the deeper layers - we recommend Double Serum to help rejuvenate and restore your complexion. The real hero in skin tightening? Facial oils - which help enhance skin tone and gently improve skin’s firmness over time, leaving your face brighter and more radiant with each use. Use together with our anti-aging face creams for an effective daily skincare routine.

Which oil is good for skin tightening?

Specially formulated by Jacques Courtin-Clarins himself in 1966, the 3 core Clarins facial oils are unchanged from their original recipes.

Completely plant based and organic, each oil is created to correspond with a certain skin type - Blue Orchid for dehydrated skin, Lotus for oily and combination skin and Santal for dry and extra dry skin types. Each of these facial oils is good for skin tightening - like a non-surgical lift for skin - with none of the discomfort of a harsh cleanser or overly perfumed facial treatment.

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