Europe - Bison Grass

STOP NO. : Poland

Bison grass amongst men

Name: Bison Grass
Latin Name: Hierochloe odorata
Location: Poland
Type: Herb
Part(s) Used: Aerial parts

A sacred grass

Bison grass is native to Europe and North America. This aromatic grass found in cold and damp areas stops growing at the end of summer and is able to reach heights of 60 centimetres. Long tied to religious practices, both in North America where it was burned as incense, as well as in Europe, where it was used to cover the floor at the entrance of churches, its name comes from the Greek “hieros”, meaning “sacred”, and “chloe”, meaning grass. Because of its delicate, slightly vanilla scent, it is used as a fragrant base in sweets and perfumes. It has renowned medicinal properties in the treatment of coughs and sore throats.

Cosmetic Effectiveness

A gift for all the guys out there

In cosmetics, its energising, soothing properties are particularly suited to the specific needs of men’s skin.

Find the benefits of Bison Grass

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