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Face Moisturisers

Europe’s leading luxury beauty range*

Europe’s leading brand for Prestige skincare*
Take care of your skin to preserve its youth.
As an expert in skincare, Clarins harnesses the beautifying active ingredients of plants.

*Source: NPD BeautyTrends®, selective skincare market, prestigious brands, sales in value, over the cumulative period of January to December 2021, 4 countries in total (France, Italy, Spain and the UK).



Beautiful skin no matter your age

We have the perfect face cream for every skin type and age! From the age of 30, stress and a highly active lifestyle can leave their mark. The Multi-Active Cream, Day and Night, visibly prevents and smooths fine lines and wrinkles thanks to organic teasel extract. From the age of 40, the Extra-Firming Energy Cream, with kangaroo flower extract gives the skin a new lease of life. Your skin is smoother and firmer.
For women aged 50 and above Super-Restorative Day Cream acts on the skin’s loss of density using organic harungana extract. Super Restorative Rose Radiance Cream with hibiscus flower acid densifies and restores skin’s natural hue. The Nutri-Lumière Cream awakens strength and luminosity in undernourished mature skin. Together, the organic horse chestnut flower and horse chestnut aescin make an anti-aging powerhouse.


From 30
Multi-Active Day Cream
%__{Product=CS00952495 price}% / 1 L
From 40
Extra-Firming Day All Skin Types
£59.00 / 1 L
From 50
Multi-Intensive Day Cream
£82.00 / 1 L
From 60
Nutri-Lumière Day Cream
£98.00 / 1 L
Hydration Model


The secret to beauty

Hydration is an essential step. No matter your age, the Hydra-Essentiel [HA²] range is guaranteed to hydrate all skin types. This line of face care products reactivates skin’s natural hydration, thanks to its powerful blend of hyaluronic acids and extract of organic leaf of life. This Hyaluronic Power Complex nourishes, plumps and instantly hydrates the skin. The Silky Cream hydrates normal to dry skin and is also available in an SPF 15 version. Apply and enjoy a blast of refreshing coolness! The Rich Cream with its soft and thick formula instantly envelops very dry skin in complete comfort.


Picto drop
Hydra Essentiel [HA²] Emulsion
£38.00 / 1 L
Picto two drops
Hydra Essentiel [HA²] Rich Cream
£38.00 / 1 L
Picto cream
Hydra Essentiel [HA²] Night Cream
£38.00 / 1 L
My Clarins model
Coconut Water ingredient
Coconut water


The fruits of a good pamper

My Clarins is our first skincare range for young skin. Bursting with vitamins, it gives skin everything it needs its best. Containing organic coconut water and organic Alpine rose extract, RE-BOOST skincare products nourish and detoxify. There’s a RE-BOOST moisturiser for every type of skin, tackles common skin concerns and problem areas.
The Refreshing Hydrating Cream for normal skin, the Matifying Hydrating Cream for those with combination or oily skin, and the Comforting Hydrating Cream for drier, sensitive skin. The Healthy Glow Tinted Gel-Cream gives all skin types a stunning complexion.
It is never too early to take care of your skin and boost your beauty!


Picto sunrise
RE-BOOST Refreshing Hydrating Cream
£23.00 / 1 L
Picto target
RE-BOOST Matifying Hydrating Cream
£24.00 / 1 L
Picto heart
RE-BOOST Comforting Hydrating Cream
£24.00 / 1 L
Picto sun
RE-BOOST Healthy Glow Tinted Gel-Cream
£25.00 / 1 L
Calm Essentiel Model
Clary sage ingredient
Clary sage


Soft, Relaxing and Luxurious

Clarins has created the new Calm-Essentiel skincare range specifically for sensitive skin. These face creams combat skin discomfort, redness and itchiness. A natural hydrating cocktail enriched with clary sage and plant-derived squalane to soothe skin and reduce sensitivity.
The Redness Corrective Gel camouflages and corrects imperfections. Organic white horehound helps protect the face from the effects of pollution. The Soothing Emulsion soothes, softens and protects. Cocoon your skin in this skincare made of 98% natural ingredients.


Picto ice
Calm-Essentiel Redness Corrective Gel
£34.00 / 1 L
Picto drop
Calm-Essentiel Emulsion
£42.00 / 1 L
Picto two drops
Calm-Essentiel Repairing soothing balm
£46.00 / 1 L
ClarinsMen Model
Bison grass ingredient
Bison Grass

And for Clarins men

Moisturise, plump and perfect

Men’s skin also needs to be protected and hydrated. Our skincare experts have developed ClarinsMen, a selection of skincare products that are tailored to tackle all of your skincare concerns from dryness, wrinkles and firm skin. Whether that’s a gel, balm or cream, the Super Moisture range supplies hydration for any type of skin. With or without a beard.


Picto ice
ClarinsMen Super Moisture Gel
£33.00 / 1 L
Picto drop
ClarinsMen Line-Control Balm
£42.50 / 1 L
Picto two drops
ClarinsMen Line-Control Cream for Dry Skin
£42.50 / 1 L


Application Method - Step 1
3 seconds

Warm Dispense a small amount of the cream. Warm the formula in your hands to bring it up to your skin’s temperature and help it take effect instantly.

Application Method - Step 2
8 seconds

Apply Apply with the natural weight of your hands evenly on your neck and neckline.

Application Method - Step 3
16 seconds

strong>Drain Drain to stimulate circulation, restore radiance to your complexion and maintain the skin’s firmness. Use the rule of three; 3 times on the cheeks, 3 times on the forehead and finish with 5 times on the neck and neckline.

Any questions?

Our experts are here to help you.

At what age should I start using face creams?

Your skin requires nourishment to stay radiant. Clarins, a leader in skincare for more than six decades, has created the My Clarins collection specifically for young skin, to construct hydrating routines for preserving its luminosity and excellent condition. Pamper your skin with natural fruit and active plant ingredients; it's invigorating!

What routine should I follow for flawless skin?

Cleanse your skin every day, along with the rest of your body. Your skin needs to be cleansed to properly benefit from the active ingredients that you use in your skincare routine. You can do this by:

  1. Determining what your skin type is: is it normal, dry, oily or combination?
  2. Next, find a skincare routine that’s best suited to your skin type.
  3. If you wear make-up, whether that is regularly or from time to time, choose a product that will remove impurities from your skin. As well as eliminate traces of pollution and any leftover make-up.

What make-up remover should I use in my skincare routine?

There are so many makeup removers for you to choose from, it’s all a matter of what you prefer! However, we love the:

Our top beauty tip: Apply a refreshing toning lotion to perfect your skin before applying your day or night cream.

How do I get smooth skin?

To get smooth and supple skin, exfoliate your skin once or twice a week. Our exfoliating face scrubs have different textures to suit all skin types. Our Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream with soothing primrose extract gently exfoliates even the most sensitive skin. Fresh Scrub, Pure Scrub or Comfort Scrub provides amazing results; consisting of a refreshing, purifying or nourishing formula to rejuvenate your skin.

When should I apply a mask?

After exfoliating, take the time to regenerate your skin by applying a mask suited to your skin’s needs on cleansed and make-up free skin. The SOS Hydra Refreshing Hydration Mask harnesses organic leaf of life's hydrating powers. The Extra-⁠Firming Mask smoothes, restores and brightens the skin.
Apply the mask following Clarins’ expert techniques.
To find out more about all things face masks, from its benefits to best uses, can be found on Clarins Beauty FAQ.

Why should I use a face serum?

Serums are a concentrated beauty elixir for the complexion. It should be applied before your facial cream to strengthen its properties and overall effectiveness. For 25 years, Double Serum has been the most effective anti-age treatment in boosting the skin’s vital functions. Its 20 plant extracts combined with turmeric extract promote a youthful appearance. Each Clarins skincare range has its own serum to respond to specific needs: anti-aging, hydration, anti-wrinkling, firmness, (lack of) skin elasticity, radiance, and more.
The Serum Finder will help you find your must-have partner in your anti-aging routine!

Why do I need a face oil?

Clarins face oils envelop your skin and lock in hydration. Breathe in a few drops of this sweet, moisturising nectar.

How to apply your face oil?

  1. Warm the product between your hands
  2. Press your hands gently to your face and apply moving your hands in an outwards motion.
  3. Cover your skin in oils that increase wellbeing, softness and soothing. Skincare that is made of 100% pure plant extracts and essential oils.
To view our video walkthrough of applying your face oil, check out Clarins Beauty School.

Why do I need targeted eye care?

The under-eye is a particularly fragile area of the face. The skin is very thin and needs specialised care. To reduce the signs of the wrinkles around the eyes, lessen eye bags and under-eye circles, hide signs of tiredness that cast a shadow under your eyes, choose skincare that’s right for your age. Stay bright-eyed.

What skincare should men use?

Men’s skin also needs to be protected and hydrated. ClarinsMen moisturising care products are specifically formulated to help keep men's skin looking and feeling its best. They contain a variety of ingredients that work together to nourish and soothe skin, while also providing protection from all the elements.
Say goodbye to tight skin! The Super Moisture range in gel, balm or lotion hydrates all skin types, with or without a beard. To fight wrinkles and help firm up the jawline, ClarinsMen anti-wrinkle skincare helps all men keep their skin looking firm. A toned face, without fail!

How do I find the best moisturisers for swimmers?

The chlorine, saltwater and water in general you encounter when you go swimming can leave your skin feeling dry as well as messing up the skin barrier. So here’s the swimming skincare routine that can help you overcome the dryness.

  1. Apply a hydrating moisturiser before getting in the water, especially to those areas where you experience extra dryness and irritation.
  2. Shower when you get out of the water, this can limit the effects as it will simply be on your skin for a much shorter time.
  3. Use a gentle skin cleanser to rid your skin of dirt, chlorine and salt while protecting your skin barrier.
  4. Moisturise your face and body after showering, applying a face cream after swimming helps to retain moisture in the skin so you aren’t left feeling dried out.
  5. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week to help your skincare products absorb better and keep your complexion soft and refreshed.
  6. Finally if you are swimming outdoor use waterproof SPF protection so your skin isn’t being damaged by the Sun’s rays so it can continue to stay healthy.

How do I find the best moisturiser for running?

When you’re running out in the elements you don’t want your skin cracking, drying and breaking out to discourage you, so having the best moisturiser for running will help you to stay on track. You need a natural moisturiser that protects you from the sun, locks in moisture and isn’t too oily. Our HydraQuench tinted moisturiser provides all of that and more, allowing you to feel great and keep on running.

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Take care of your loved ones by bathing them in beauty and relaxation with our Spa Gift Certificates. Lovingly create Gift Sets for a personalised beauty routine by selecting targeted anti-aging treatments.
Give the gift of skincare with our iconic products including our Toning Oil or Eau Dynamisante. Our Double Serum Set is the perfect gift for all occasions, birthdays and Mother's Day included! As an ethical beauty brand we aim to provide eco friendly beauty products so you and those you care about can enjoy excellent and eco skincare.
We have a wide range of face and body care products for a multitude of gift ideas! For all our beauty tips and tricks, visit Clarins Beauty FAQ.