Double Serum Light Texture Key Visual

Double Serum

Light Texture

Double power. Now also in a new lightweight texture.

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Double Serum Packshot

Double Serum Original

The original ultra-rich formula for super silky skin
Enveloping texture

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Double Serum Light Texture Packshot

Double Serum Light texture

A weightless formula for a bare-skin feel.
New lightweight gliding texture

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Rediscover Clarins’ legendary Double Serum

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One skincare icon.

Now in two textures.

A skincare classic is reborn! Clarins reveals a new, lighter version of the iconic Double Serum, that feels 50% lighter*.

  • The same skincare benefits
  • The same scientific innovation
  • The same plant-based ingredients
  • The same efficacy loved by men and women around the world

*Comparative sensorial analysis test vs. Double Serum, 12 sensorial experts.

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A new invisible texture

An ultra-light texture that’s instantly absorbed, for a bare-skin feel without any greasy residue.


of women say it feels weightless*

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*Consumer test, multi-ethnic panel, 352 subjects, 28 days.


The same anti-aging benefits

Visible results in just 7 days.

92% of women say their skin is smoother*

91% of women say their skin is more radiant*

89% of women say their skin is softer*

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*Consumer test, multi-ethnic panel, 352 subjects, 28 days.


The experts at Clarins Laboratories reveal an innovative formula

A new lipidic


Clarins Double Serum Light

A trio of ultra-light, ultra-powerful molecules

Weightless oils infuse the skin with active ingredients, before being absorbed instantly without any greasy residue

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The golden


Clarins Double Serum Light

A dual biomimetic formula: [Hydric + Lipidic] System

With a dual formula based on water [61%] and oil (lipids) [39%], Double Serum Light Texture reproduces the skin's natural hydrolipidic ratio.


1/3 Lipidic 2/3 hydric

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Perfecting your beauty routine

1. Treat

Double Serum Light Texture 30ml

Double Serum Light Texture

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2. Smooth

Double Serum Eye Activated Packshot

Double Serum Eye

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3. Revitalise / energise

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Energizing Gel

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Helpful Questions

01 Is Double Serum Light Texture the right product for me?

Double Serum Light Texture is suitable for all skin-types, genders, and ages. It’s even suitable for the most sensitive skin. Many people prefer a serum with a lighter texture during the warmer months, when humidity is higher - which increases sebum secretion. You can keep your skin healthy during summer without a greasy residue - Double Serum Light Texture is easily absorbed, for a comfortable experience.

02 Can I combine it with the original Double Serum or other products?

Yes, you can combine Double Serum Light Texture with the Original Double Serum - we’d recommend using the Light Texture as part of your morning routine, and the Original Double Serum at night to replenish your skin, so that you can wake up with a radiant complexion. You can also combine the Light Texture with Clarins Day Creams, Eye Care Products, and your full make-up routine.

03 What does Double Serum Light Texture do to your skin?

Double Serum Light Texture uses 21 active plant extracts with proven anti-aging effects, to help stimulate the skin's 5 vital functions, essential for healthy-looking skin. These functions are; regeneration, oxygenation, nutrition, hydration, and protection. Not only is there an immediate result by bringing instant radiance to your skin, but there are also long-term benefits such as smoothing, regeneration, and firming effects.

04 How does Double Serum Light Texture work?

The biomimetic formula is composed of 2/3 water and 1/3 lipids. The « golden ratio » of Double Serum Light Texture is also the same ratio as the skin's hydrolipidic film. Its double formula is based on the composition of the skin, making it possible to combine the most powerful anti-aging ingredients.

05 How does Double Serum Light Texture align with Clarins’ ethical commitments?

Clarins' commitment to people and the planet continues to motivate our desire to always do better, and Double Serum Light Texture is no exception to this goal. We also use the maximum amount of natural ingredients, and the new Double Serum Light Texture formula was developed according to the Green Beauty criteria. For many years, Clarins has been committed to fair and sustainable farming, which protects both people and the environment. This new lightweight formula also maximises the use of certified organic and fair-trade ingredients.