Extra-Firming Energy

Radiance‑Boosting, Wrinkle‑Control Day Cream

Extra-Firming Energy

The Firming Day Cream with Energising Superpowers.

Super-active, go-getters, sometimes over-stretched, but always at the forefront. Women who are full of energy and true to themselves, who love living life at top speed: they’re the superwomen of our time.

The challenge for super-active women? Their skin bears the burden of their high-paced lifestyle. As we reach our 40s, skin can start to lose its tone, with a duller-looking complexion, features appearing perhaps more drawn and tired, and you might notice some fine lines and wrinkles.

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The New Energising Product from the Extra‑Firming Range

Extra-Firming Energy is a complete skincare range packed with vitamins. Made from plant and fruit extracts, it fights against a loss of radiance and helps skin that lacks firmness bounce back.


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A firming day cream or energising skincare?
Now you can have it all!

Extra-Firming Energy joins the Extra-Firming range, expert care for firmer skin. Along with our [GLOW PLUS COMPLEX], it adds a healthy-looking complexion instantly!

Paprika extract
gives an instant healthy glow effect.
Acerola seed extract
helps restore radiance.
Organic apricot oil 
helps nourish the skin.


Clarins Laboratories chose active ingredients from 4 fruits extracts to create the [GLOW PLUS COMPLEX]. The result? Skin regains all of its vitality and radiance.

Organic goji berry extract
helps reactivate skin’s energy.

Goji berry
Organic apricot oil
helps nourish the skin.
Paprika extract
gives an instant healthy glow effect.
Acerola seed extract helps
restore radiance.

Tested and Approved by Women

81 % After 28 days of use

of women said their skin was more plump*

81 % Immediately

of women felt their skin was visibly more luminous*

83 % After 7 days of use

of women felt their skin was more energised*

86 % After 28 days of use

of women felt their skin was more toned*

*Consumer tests – 105 women– aged 35 to 50 – 28 days
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Application Tips

Apply every morning using the pressure-draining method to preserve the skin’s firmness.

Beauty Also Comes from Within

It’s all a question of balance, energising your skin whilst also taking care of your body and mind with a balanced diet.

Find out about our exercises, beauty routines and vitamin-enriched recipe.

Did You Say Facial Exercise?
Do these five exercises every day to tone and firm up your facial muscles.

Your new Firming Routine

One Vitamin Cocktail Please!

Make yourself an energising cocktail with this recipe inspired by Olivier Courtin-Clarins’ books “Beauty in my Plate” and “Beauty in my Recipes”.

One Vitamin Cocktail Please!
Energising cocktail by Olivier Courtin-Clarins
Energising cocktail by
Olivier Courtin-Clarins

Serves 3 or 4:
3 apples
3 kiwis
3 apricots
1 handful of goji berries
1 pinch of paprika

  • • Soak the goji berries in a little water for 24 hours to rehydrate them
  • • Peel the apples and kiwis then cut them into pieces and place them in a blender to extract the juice
  • • Add the washed and chopped apricots
  • • Add the goji berries and a pinch of paprika
  • • Add ice (2 medium glasses)
  • • Start the blender.

Serve immediately.