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Firming eye cream

Rejuvenate and revive tired-looking eyes with an eye firming cream or an anti-fatigue eye gel from Clarins. Whether you want to stop the early signs of aging, or tackle existing puffiness, loss of density, and fine lines, we’ve got an eye firming cream to help. Our formulas contain a powerful blend of plant extracts — including Kangaroo Flower, Albizia, and Mitracarpus — to brighten, soothe, and lift the eye area.

Use an under-eye firming cream morning and night to improve skin tone and density, or apply a concentrated firming eye serum each evening to achieve more-youthful looking eyes.

Eye lifting cream

Treat yourself to Total Eye Lift, an expertly crafted eye contour and eyelid firming cream that opens and brightens the eye area. With an ultra-smoothing, gel-cream texture infused with Cassie Wax and Harungana extracts, this lifting eye cream replenishes and renews. Apply this upper eyelid firming cream both morning and evening for an uplifted, smooth, and fresh look.