Join our Beauty Coaches for live interactive sessions.

The interactive sessions will feature tutorials, exciting collaborations and follow‑along rituals for you to do at home - the world of Clarins is at your fingertips.

How To... Serums

Our Clarins Experts will discuss the benefits of using a serum, give step-by-step application techniques and answer the most frequently asked serum questions!

Friday 30th October: 12:00 & 17:00
30 Minutes

Wellbeing Hour

Light a candle and immerse your senses in the luxurious textures and aromas of our iconic products, perfect to help you unwind.

Sunday 1st November: 11:00 & 15:00
1 hour

Beauty Through Time

Let’s turn back the clock and take a look at where it all began. Starting with our beloved face & body oils, Jacques Courtin-Clarins wanted to make every woman feel beautiful.

Tuesday 3rd November: 15:00
45 Minutes

Winter Skin Survival

Our Beauty Coaches will guide you through the best products and application techniques to save your skin during the colder months.

Thursday 5th November: 11:30 & 16:30
30 Minutes

Top 10...

The world of beauty is ever-changing, stay ahead of the game with Clarins Top 10. Using Google Data, we will delve into this week’s top 10 most searched for beauty concerns and questions.

Friday 6th November: 16:30
1 hour

Make-Up Your Skin Will Love

Join our Clarins experts for a make-up masterclass and discover our make-up heroes, all powered by skin care and enriched with plants.

Tuesday 10 th November: 11:30 & 15:30
45 Minutes