Africa - Coffee Bush

STOP NO.: Congo

Green coffee bean, a super antioxidant

NAME: Coffee bush
LATIN NAME: Coffea robusta
TYPE: Shrub

A story you’ll “goat” nuts over!

A shrub cultivated all over the tropical world, the coffee bush produces a fruit that, once ripe, bears two seeds we call coffee beans. The legend of the coffee bush dates back to the Middle Ages. It is said that a Yemeni shepherd, baffled by the unusual energy of his goats, noticed they were feeding on the beans from a small, mysterious tree. Intrigued, he brewed some of them and discovered a subtly aromatic, deliciously energising beverage known worldwide today as coffee.


Stimulating and antioxidizing

Green coffee bean extract is traditionally used for its energising, antioxidant properties.


Right under the sun

“Green” coffee bean extract is obtained from sun-drying and lightly roasting the beans. This extremely simple preparation process conserves the active molecules at the root of its energising, antioxidant properties

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