Africa - Centella Asiatica

STOP NO.: Madagascar

For protected
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NAME: Centella asiatica
LATIN NAME: Centella asiatica
LOCATION: Madagascar, Indonesia
TYPE: Herb
PART(S) USED: Aerial part

Also known as “tiger grass”...

Centella asiatica grows in the marshy soils of Southeast Asia, Australia, and Africa. Its slender, creeping stems produce small, umbrella-shaped bunches of flowers. Commonly known as “tiger grass,” because large cats like to roll in its leaves to soothe their wounds, it is traditionally used for its healing and soothing powers. Traditionally, Centella asiatica leaves, in addition to their positive benefits on microcirculation, help soothe and regenerate the skin. The extract drawn from its leaves and flowers is used for its richness in unsaponifiables, which are traditionally recognised for their ability to protect the skin against ageing.


Stimulate your skin’s regeneration!

In cosmetics, asiaticoside, which comes from the leaves of Centella asiatica, stimulates collagen synthesis.

An illustration of responsible beauty according to Clarins

  • In north-eastern and south-western Madagascar, Centella Asiatica is gathered following the principles of responsible beauty according to Clarins. An economic and social commitment intended to ensure a lastingly better world for everyone, everywhere.
  • An economic commitment
    Clarins is committed to ensuring its procurement of plant ingredients is done so in the best working and payment conditions. Gatherers receive a harvest advance. As for local partners tasked with collection, drying and quality control, they benefit from a transfer of skills that progressively leads them on the path of empowerment.
  • A social commitment
    Clarins is committed to helping carry out projects successfully in line with the population’s expectations: a water distribution system, 12 equipped double classrooms, a medical centre... These projects saw the light of day thanks to the Clarins fair trade premium, a share included in the purchase price of ingredients and intended to fund these social programs.

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