How can I get rid of dark circles under my eyes?

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Work stress, hectic schedules, too much caffeine; there are many reasons why we may not be getting enough sleep. And, sadly, our skin is one of the first places to show it. Dark circles under men’s eyes and a dull, lacklustre complexion are both signs you need to make time for some more shut-eye.

In the short-term, however, ClarinsMen is here to help with energising, radiance-boosting products for when you need to fake some sleep. Here are our best products for reducing the appearance of puffy eyes and dark circles under eyes for men.

Men’s dark circle cream

The ClarinsMen Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum is our best eye cream for men’s dark circles. With a lightweight, non-oily gel formula that absorbs quickly into the skin, this energising men’s eye bag cream revives tired-looking eyes and visibly reduces puffiness and dark circles. With a powerful concoction of Bison Grass and Goji Berry extracts to tone, energise, and soothe, skin is left looking fresh and rejuvenated. It’s like eight hours’ sleep in a bottle!

Another effective way to reduce the appearance of bags under men’s eyes is by cleansing your skin with our ClarinsMen Active Face Wash. Simply splash your face with cold water and lather this product gently into your skin. With the purifying power of Grindelia and Gaultheria extracts, this nourishing face wash cleanses and tones. As well as removing excess dirt and waking up your skin, the nourishing, creamy formula helps neutralise the drying effects of hard water for a healthy, glowing complexion. Use every morning for a quick and energising wake-up call, then follow up with an energising eye serum and ClarinsMen Super Moisture Lotion SPF20. As well as intensely moisturising your complexion, this SPF face cream shields your skin from sun damage and premature aging, so make sure you use it every morning for soft, purified, and protected skin.

Alternatively, you can counteract dark circles by using a tanning product. Our ClarinsMen Self-Tanning Booster can help even out your skin tone and brighten your complexion, helping to get rid of dark circles for men by adding some healthy colour to your face instead.

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Now you know the best men’s eye cream for dark circles, find out more about looking after your skin with our men’s skincare FAQs.

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