Are toners really necessary?

Are toners really necessary?

We all know the benefits of an effective cleanser and moisturiser - but you may wonder, are toners really necessary? And what are the benefits? Well, there’s a reason a skincare regime follows the golden rule of ‘Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise’! Toners and toning lotions have an extensive range of benefits - from whisking away the last of your cleansing residue and evening out skin tone to minimising pores, calming irritation, inflammation and removing excess sebum. Toners are perfect for preparing your skin before applying your anti-wrinkle cream.

The right toner for your skin

Finding the right toner for your skin is easy with Clarins - our toning lotions are formulated to work with your skin type. Our Camomile (dry/normal skin) or Iris (combination/oily skin) toning lotions suit most skin types. If your skin is in need of serious rescue, our Extra Comfort toning lotion is just the tonic for stressed, dehydrated and sensitive skin. Discover our complete range of toning lotions and find the right toner for your skin with Clarins.

Clarins toning lotions

Designed for different skin types, discover Clarins toning lotions. Infused with the finest quality botanical extracts, each toner is formulated to even tone, remove excess oil and calm redness. Soothing and smoothing, our toning lotions are completely alcohol free - leaving skin soft and clean without that tight ‘stripped’ feeling. Restore radiance and reveal soft, even skin with Clarins toners and toning lotions.

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