What does ‘vegan-friendly’ mean?

What does ‘vegan-friendly’ mean?

To us, vegan-friendly means that none of the formulations used to make our new generation of skincare products contain raw ingredients of animal origins. So, rather than using animal-derived ingredients, our vegan-friendly products use natural, alternative sources instead, such as plant or fruit extracts. However, vegan-friendly is also about being cruelty-free. This means that no animal testing has been used in the process, from production through to purchase.

So, is the My Clarins range vegan-friendly?

You bet! The My Clarins range is our first vegan skincare range. This means that each and every product is made with nourishing fruit extracts and plant-based formulas. And, our My Clarins range is also cruelty-free. We’re proud to say that our vegan skincare products have made it from our natural sources to your skin without being tested on animals.

How are the My Clarins ingredients vegan-friendly?

After years of refining, we’ve created vegan-friendly skincare that’s steeped in 88%* ingredients of natural origin. We’ve included only the best ingredients that nature has to offer, such as hydrating organic coconut water, detoxifying moringa extract, radiance-building acerola seed extract and soothing shea butter. It’s all part of our My Clarins belief that glowing skin should go hand-in-hand with a glowing conscience. That’s why we work with suppliers we trust, who can verify the traceability of each ingredient. *Our PORE-LESS and CLEAR-OUT targeted treatments contain other ingredients as well as plant extracts to give your skin a helping hand. Our CLEAR-OUT features purifying salicylic acid to take down the swelling of those pesky spots while our PORE-LESS formula includes chrysin to keep oily skin at bay and maintain a matte complexion. Although they don’t contain as many ingredients of natural origin as our other My Clarins products, our two targeted treatments are still vegan and cruelty-free to keep your skin (and conscience) happy.

Are there other Clarins products that are also vegan-friendly?

At present, My Clarins is the only range that we can define as vegan-friendly. Nevertheless, the natural goodness of plant extracts are at the heart of all our Clarins products. Our experts at the Clarins Laboratories focus on the natural benefits of plants around the world, and will continue to choose a natural ingredient over a chemical or animal-derived one wherever possible. Our Clarins experts also use the latest advances in non-animal safety testing to deliver the highest quality formulas. However, to provide our products and services to consumers wherever they live in the world, we must comply with each unique set of legal requirements for each country. Some countries still require animal testing to validate the safety of cosmetic ingredients in formulations.

At Clarins, we are committed to helping end animal testing around the world.

We are dedicated to investing in scientific research to promote the full acceptance of non-animal testing methods. We will also continue to work closely with global authorities in countries that still require animal testing to validate the safety of cosmetic ingredients in products.

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