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The project was born in 2011, when two caring individuals met, drawn together by their shared belief in how educating children can make the world a better place: Christian Courtin-Clarins and Lauren Bush Lauren.

Clarins and FEED are proud to be supporting the UN’s food-assistance branch: WFP*.

Together, we’re helping thousands of children improve their diet and receive an education.

*World Food Programme

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To date, Clarins has helped distribute:


school meals around the world.

Lauren Bush Lauren

Lauren Bush Lauren:
a woman with conviction.

Returning home from a trip abroad as a spokesperson for the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in which she was brought face-to-face with world hunger, Lauren Bush Lauren founded FEED Projects in 2007 with a view to setting up school nutrition programmes. She came up with the idea of creating a product that would raise public awareness of world hunger and set about designing and promoting her FEED 1 bag. The “1” stands for one meal for one school child for one year.

Children’s stories

  • Langizo

    "I no longer go to school because of the pandemic, I want to go back to school to learn but also to eat porridge. I have not been eating breakfast since the school closed and I’m hungry every morning. Today, I’m happy to eat the school breakfast again. It gives me energy and keeps me healthy.
    Maths is my favourite subject. I want to become a medical doctor when I grow up because the sick need help in hospitals. I hope to return to school one day when the pandemic is over."- Langizo from Malawi.

    Photo: WFP/Francis Thawani

    Child testimony
  • Nok Kimlay

    “My family and I live in Siem Reap Province. I love to eat Korkor Soup because it has lots of vegetables, pumpkin and meat. I love to study Khmer literature. In the future, I want to become a doctor because I could help patients.” - Nok Kimlay, aged 11 (2019) Siem reap, Cambodia

    Photo: WFP/Vanna Sokheng

    Child testimony
  • Lake Chad region, Rwanda

    Kaka eating her meal provided by WFP in Yakoua, Lake Chad.

    Photo: WFP/Giulio d'Adamo

    Child testimony
  • Godfrey

    “English language is my favourite subject. At home I read my English and Chichewa textbooks.
    I want to become a bus driver carrying passengers and crossing borders to other countries.”
    - Godfrey, aged 10, from Mkumbira Village, Malawi.

    Photo: WFP/Francis Thawani

    Child testimony

Why Clarins & FEED?

Our children are the future. We must provide them with education, nutrition and health.

Christian Courtin-Clarins

Helping children receive health care and education is a priority for the Clarins Group.
Clarins and FEED have been supporting the UN’s food-assistance branch, WFP*, since 2011.

© FEED Projects

A single meal,
a multitude of benefits.

Financing school meals not only enables us to feed children in need
but also to improve school attendance and access to education.
See images of some
of our work in the field:

Project in Honduras

FEED & CLARINS, project in Honduras

What is in the meals?

What is in the meals?

Partnership timeline

  • FEED collection 2011


    First partnership with the American Clarins subsidiary exclusively with Nordstrom then Bloomingdales.

    Exclusive partnership with Colette, Paris.

    343,625 meals

  • FEED collection 2012


    FEED’s 5th anniversary: “Clarins Million Meals Concert for FEED”, New York.

    1,421,100 meals

  • FEED collection 2013


    FEED 10 & Clarins pouch in over 15 countries.
    1 pouch = 10 school meals.

    Million Meal Campaign in the USA

    2,075,040 meals

  • FEED collection 2014


    FEED & Clarins Collection in over 15 countries: Give your support with FEED & Clarins.

    3,099,970 meals

  • FEED collection 2015


    FEED & Clarins collection in over 30 countries.

    3,954,850 meals

  • FEED collection 2016


    FEED & Clarins collection in over 40 countries.

    4,452,155 meals

  • FEED collection 2017


    FEED & Clarins collection in over 40 countries.

    4,135,010 meals

  • FEED collection 2018


    FEED & Clarins collection in over 40 countries.

    4,045,010 meals

  • FEED collection 2019


    FEED & Clarins collection in over 40 countries.

    4,314,910 meals

  • FEED collection 2020


    FEED & Clarins collection in over 40 countries.

    3,968,710 meals