UV Plus ModelUV Plus Model


UV Plus [5P] Multi-protection moisturizing screen

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Revolutionary [5P] defense technology against 5 types of pollution

  • For healthy-looking skin
  • Protects the skin from harmful pollutants including blue light damage
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
UV Plus Texture


UV PLUS protects
against all types of pollution

*Satisfaction test – 112 women – 28 days

UV Plus

5 pollutants?
1 solution

New UV Plus [5P] is the 1st UV & pollution screen* that protects against 5 pollutants encountered in everyday life:

  • Atmospheric
  • Blue light
  • Pollen
  • Photo-pollution
  • Indoor pollution

Our 5P defence technology, formulated with 74%** skin-caring ingredients, leaves skin hydrated and enhances its self-defence power by 64%***

*From Clarins
**Excluding filters, preservatives and colourants contributing to 26% of the formula.
***Ex vivo test on photo-pollution, measurement of Loricrine.

Protection you won't even know is there

This high-tech, high-performance gel cream is instantly absorbed by the skin. You’ll love its lightweight, refreshing texture. Organic leaf of life extract helps to provide 8 hours* of nonstop hydration. Choose from 2 expertly created shades, suitable for all skin types:



perfectly invisible finish with zero white residue.

79% my skin is instantly hydrated***

84% my skin is more even**



second-skin finish and an instant rosy glow.

82% my skin is instantly more luminous***

84% my skin is more beautiful**

*Clinical tests – 30 women – after 8 hours.
**Consumer test – 100 chinese women– after 28 days (50% of the panel self perceived to have sensitive skin)
***Consumer test – 100 chinese women– just after application (50% of the panel self perceived to have sensitive skin)
Mango Tree

Mango leaf: The master of self-defense

The mango tree leaves secrete antioxidant molecules that act like a natural shield, protecting against UV rays and helping the tree survive in very hostile environments.

Mango Leaf

Did you know ?

The mango tree’s impressive stature gives it an important role in traditional communities, who gather under it to discuss, reflect, work and prepare food, safely sheltered in the cool shade of its leaves. Being an ideal place to escape intense sunlight and scorching heat makes this tree is a focal point of village life.

How? It initiates a proven 11.3%** increase in NRF2 within cells, giving the skin’s antioxidant defense systems the official green light.
**IN vitro test – keratinocyte cultures

Tap below to discover your routine

Use UV Plus [5P] after completing your skin care routine and just before applying your make-up.
The key steps for your perfect UV Plus routine

1. Cleanser

White Plus Radiance-Boosting Cleansing Foam


2. Treatment lotions

White Plus Brightening Aqua Treatment Lotion


3. Serum

Double Serum


Bright Plus Advanced dark spot-targeting serum


4. Emulsion / Day cream

White Plus Brightening & Renewing Night Gel-Mask


White Plus Brightening Emulsion SPF 20


5. UV Plus [5P]

UV PLUS [5P] Anti-Pollution Rose


6. Foundation

Everlasting Youth Fluid


7. Mascara

Wonder Perfect Mascara 4D Waterproof


8. Lip Oil

Lip Comfort Oil


Pollution's proven impact on skin

Pollution’s proven impact on skin

At Clarins, we have been listening to and understanding the beauty needs of women concerning pollution since 1991. Now, through an unprecedented international study, we have analysed the level of exposure to major pollutants that people are facing all over the world, namely atmospheric and indoor pollution, pollen, blue light and photo-pollution.