I’m under 30, which skincare should I use?

I’m under 30, which skincare should I use?

If you’re between 18-25 years old, our My Clarins range is perfect. Packed with powerful plant and fruit extracts, our range includes a comforting hydrating face cream, a refreshing face mist and a soothing gel cleanser (among others) to keep up with your lifestyle - and give you glowing, happy and healthy skin.

Made with 88%* ingredients of natural origin, My Clarins is suitable for all skin types. Whether you’re after instant hydration, the ability to banish that shine or simply some skin TLC while you snooze, our vegan skincare range is the perfect solution for skincare in your late teens and skincare in your 20s.

Use our My Clarins products in the morning, at night, or whenever you fancy and discover beautiful, healthy skin in a swipe. Why not take Your Beauty Match Quiz to find out which My Clarins products are destined to be your beauty BFFs?

If you’re looking for skincare for late 20s, then our Hydra-Essentiel range is your new skincare companion. Made for all seasons, and all skin types, we’ve created a variety of ultra-sensory “thirst-quenching” textures that your skin will swoon over. Silky creams, milky lotions and cooling gels will get to work on intensely hydrating your skin (thanks to our organic leaf of life extract) for a radiant, smooth and fresh complexion that lasts all day long.

*Excludes PORE-LESS and CLEAR-OUT targeted treatments

Which My Clarins skincare routine do you recommend for 18-25 year olds?

The beauty of our My Clarins range is that you can craft the skincare routine that matches your nature most. Each of our products has its very own nature to mirror yours. These are:

My Non-Stop Nature:

Our RE-BOOST products give your skin the energy and hydration it needs if your life is go, go, go. This is particularly important if you have long days and hectic schedules as stress is one of the main causes of fine lines and a dull complexion (the first visible signs of skin aging, eek!). Stressed skin can also be more sensitive and reactive.
So, if you have a non-stop nature, it’s extra important to soak your skin with the goodness and nutrients it needs to thrive against these stress effects on skin. That’s where our new My Clarins [In & Out] Complex can help. It includes organic coconut water to feed skin with the needed nutrients and Alpenrose extract to protect your skin against oxidative stress (this is when free radicals mix with oxygen to create dull complexions and uneven skin tones). Our RE-BOOST moisturisers are ideal for giving your skin the boost it needs to take on the day.

My Late Night Nature:

Our RE-CHARGE Relaxing Sleep Mask has your name on it if early to bed and early to rise isn’t exactly your thing. It’s also perfect for de-stressing your skin while you dream thanks to our My Clarins [In & Out] Complex.

My Chill Nature:

Our RE-FRESH Hydrating Beauty Mist is for you if you’re more about being zen than being flustered. Just spritz for instant hydration and go.

My Squeaky Clean Nature:

If you’d like your skin to feel as clean as new (who wouldn’t, right?), our RE-MOVE products get to work on purifying your skin for a fresh, glowing complexion.

My Flawless Nature:

If you see yourself as a bit of a perfectionist, you’ll love our CLEAR-OUT Targeted Blemish Treatment. It diminishes those spots for clearer, calmer skin.

My Obsessive Nature:

There’s no point getting hung up over oily spells. Our PORE-LESS Blur and Matte Stick is here to save the day by mattifying shine and erasing those pores. However, if you need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to how to take care of your skin, we’ve put together a 5-step morning to night skincare routine for your 20s and late teens using our My Clarins products.

Skincare Routine Step 1: Cleanse

Life between 18 and 25 can be pretty non-stop and full on. But, cleansing is a step you should never skip. If you’re short of time, why not use our RE-MOVE Micellar Cleansing Milk and embrace that Squeaky Clean Nature? We’ve combined the cleansing power of micellar water with the comfort of a milk so you can leave the house with a radiant complexion - and there's no need to rinse!

Skincare Routine Step 2: Moisturise

Whether you’re 25 or 85, moisturising is an essential step in any skincare routine - particularly if you’re of a Non-Stop Nature. This is because it provides essential energy and hydration that your skin needs to thrive. While you’re in your late teen and 20s, you’ll want a water-based, fast-absorbing moisturiser. Luckily, we’ve got three separate RE-BOOST day creams to suit your skin type:

  1. RE-BOOST Refreshing Hydrating Cream - Normal skin
  2. RE-BOOST Matifying Hydrating Cream - Combination to oily skin
  3. RE-BOOST Comforting Hydrating Cream - Dry to sensitive skin

Our RE-BOOST moisturisers all include fig extract to quench your skin’s thirst, alongside energy-boosting organic goji berry extract to set your skin up for the day ahead.

Skincare Routine Step 3: Eliminate shine

From attending an important meeting at work to heading out for drinks with your friends, sometimes shine feels as though it has to come along for the ride. And, even if you’ve cleansed and moisturised, your T-Zone is somehow always the ultimate culprit for occasional oily skin spells (extra annoying if you’re of an Obsessive Nature). That’s why our PORE-LESS Blur and Matte Stick is perfect for applying after moisturising to use as a primer, or popping in your purse and swiping over shiny areas when needed. De-shining and re-priming has never been this easy. Wanting to embrace your Flawless Nature but woken up with a horrible zit? Simply apply our CLEAR-OUT Targeted Blemish Treatment for clearer, calmer skin in a flash (or swipe).

Skincare Routine Step 4: Re-Move makeup

Whether you’re having a night in and a box set binge, or you’re heading home after the sun comes up, it’s important to always remove your makeup and daily grime from your skin. Our RE-MOVE Purifying Cleansing Gel is your skincare companion for removing even the most stubborn makeup and purifying deep within the skin. Plus, this handy little gel cleanser can reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes by removing excess oil. Clean as new for your Squeaky Clean Nature.

Skincare Routine Step 5: Re-Charge

Remember we said how important it was to moisturise? Well, moisturising before you hit the hay as well as moisturising in the morning is even better - and allows you to put your hard-earned beauty sleep to good use. Our RE-CHARGE Relaxing Sleep Mask is packed with powerful plant extracts to hydrate your skin while you snooze. If your skin is particularly dehydrated, you can use this as an everyday night cream to quench your skin’s thirst. Alternatively, if you’re wanting to give your skin a treat, then you can use this an overnight hydrating face mask two or three times a week. Either way, it’s 8 hours’ sleep in a jar (and made especially for those of you with a Late Night Nature).

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