What is the best sun cream for me?

Once you’ve discovered which SPF you need to use depending on your preferred level of protection, it’s time to choose a sunblock product that fits best with your needs and lifestyle.

Whether it’s an easy-to-apply sun stick for those regularly on the move outdoors or a water-resistant sun cream spray for keen swimmers, here’s our advice on choosing the best sunscreen for you.

Best for maximum protection on the go

Our super practical, pocket-sized Invisible Sun Care Stick SPF 50 is perfect for topping up your sun protection while on the go. With a lightweight, transparent texture that’s invisible on the skin, this high-performance sunscreen stick glides effortlessly onto your face, giving you maximum protection within seconds. Hydrating and non-oily, this sun cream stick uses extracts of Olive Tree and Plane Tree to protect the skin from sun-related ageing and dehydration. Simply turn the base of the stick to reveal the product and gently apply to your nose, cheeks, forehead, chin, and ears.

Best for swimming and physical activities

Thanks to its nourishing and silky texture, our Invisible Sun Care Body Gel-in-Oil SPF 30 absorbs quickly and evenly — even on wet skin. Suitable for all skin types, the antioxidant-enriched formula also helps limit the development of wrinkles and sun-related spots, thanks to extracts of Senna and Plane Tree. So whether you’re working out in the sunshine or enjoying a dip in the pool on holiday, this invisible sunscreen lotion is ideal for keeping your skin protected from both the sunshine and premature ageing. Apply generously and evenly to your body every two hours and always reapply directly after swimming or working up a sweat.

Best for jet setters

If you’re a keen traveller, your top priority will probably be finding a 100 ml sun cream (or smaller). Our Dry Touch Facial Sun Care UVA/UVB 50+ is lightweight, fast-absorbing, and water-resistant. And at just 50 ml, this travel-size sunscreen is ideal for slipping into your cabin bag to take with you on your trip. With a smooth, melting texture and non-streaky, matte finish, this maximum protection sunblock cream effectively shields the skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays. It also helps prevent visible signs of sun-related ageing, thanks to a powerful combination of Baobab, Senna, and Aloe Vera extracts. So wherever you are in the world you can enjoy a stress-free trip with maximum protection. Apply liberally, repeatedly, and evenly on your face.

Best for slipping into your makeup bag

If you’re looking for a face sun cream that won’t look out of place in your makeup bag, our Mineral Sun Care Compact UVA/UVB 30is perfect. This water-resistant mineral sunscreen comes with a beige tint to promote an even, luminous skin tone. Its fine, lightweight formula is enriched with botanical extracts — including Senna, Plane Tree, Baobab — and leaves skin feeling velvety soft to the touch. With a handy, portable format and easy sponge application, protecting your face from the sun has never been so easy — or looked so good.

Best for quick, invisible application

If you’re looking for ease and simplicity, our Sun Care Water Mist SPF 50 is lightweight with an invisible finish. Blending effortlessly into the skin and leaving no ashy residue, this gorgeously undetectable sun cream leaves skin radiant and glowing — no matter what your skin colour.The innovative, water-like texture absorbs quickly into the skin, offering both maximum protection and refreshing hydration at once. With a powerful combination of plant extracts — such as Aloe Vera to prevent dehydration and Plane Tree extract to protect your skin against damage from free radicals — this sun cream mist is ideal for people wanting hassle-free sun protection. Shake well before use then spray liberally over your body. Apply regularly.

Best for men

Our ClarinsMen range is bursting with effective products specifically designed to nourish and soothe men’s skin. So why not try our ClarinsMen UV Plus SPF 50 UVA/UVB? This long-lasting cream offers protection from both the sun and pollution in one powerful, multi-tasking formula. Protecting men from UV damage, this lightweight formula has a non-sticky, invisible finish which makes it perfect for all men’s skin types. Offering maximum protection that’s super easy to apply — it’s the ultimate sun lotion for men.

Alternatively, treat your skin to a daily, moisturising face cream with SPF. Our ClarinsMen Super Moisture Lotion SPF 20 is a lightweight cream that protects your skin against sun damage, while also intensely hydrating and nourishing. Simply apply one or two pumps to a clean face and neck every morning to protect your skin throughout the day.

High-performance sun care from Clarins

At Clarins, we have a range of protective and nourishing sun care products to suit every lifestyle and skin type. What’s more, our formulas are coral-friendly and water-resistant to limit their diffusion into the sea. With packaging made from recycled plastic and sourced from sustainably-managed forests, we’re just as committed to protecting the environment as we are to protecting you.

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