ClarinsMen Skincare Routine

Want to take better care of your skin but not sure where to begin? Our skincare routine for men has been created to make the most of what nature gave you, with a little helping hand from over 60 years of expertise in skincare from Clarins. We know you’re short on time and want to get this stuff sorted, so here’s our men’s face care routine - done in just five minutes flat.

5 Minute Men’s Skincare Routine

  1. Get scrubbing (time: 1 minute)
    Invest in an exfoliating cleanser to keep skin looking fresh. Exfoliating gently removes dead skin cells, unclogs pores, minimises fine lines and tackles ingrown hairs. A skin-saving superpower! Start slow and scrub lightly in case of sensitivity and build up to exfoliating three times a week to keep skin looking healthy, fresh and feeling smooth.

    Top tip: Exfoliate before shaving to soften hairs and prep skin, not after - especially as post-shave may be sensitive to scrubbing.

  2. Clean up your act (time: 30 seconds)
    Sweat, pollution and changing temperatures throughout the year can all leave skin looking and feeling dull, greasy and dehydrated. We recommend cleansing twice a day with a gentle face wash to tackle daily grime. A cleanser is an easy step to incorporate into your daily routine, even if you just use it in the shower - simply massage onto damp skin in a circular motion and rinse clean.

    Top tip: Always cleanse after exercising or a session in the gym to avoid breakouts.

  3. Between the lines (time: 1 minute 30 seconds)
    Target problem areas with specific anti-ageing products for men, such as eye balms and creams that help to de-puff, refresh and smooth out fine lines around the eyes. Full face anti-wrinkle creams will help to target the lot - from forehead creases and laughter lines to a sagging jawline. Simply pump a small amount into palms and massage over skin upwards and outwards in light, sweeping motions.

    Top tip: When applying, work upwards against gravity trying not to pull on the skin- starting with your neck up to the jaw and then around your cheeks and forehead, applying lighter pressure around your eyes.

  4. Your softer side (time: 1 minute)
    Follow up with a moisturiser to keep skin hydrated, soft and soothed. If your skin type tends to be oilier, we recommend a light gel or lotion formula to keep pores clear and to refresh the complexion. If the skin is drier, a balm or cream formula will help to tackle any dry patches and perk up tired skin. We say double up and get a moisturiser with SPF to protect skin from UV rays all year round; helping keep skin youthful and protected from sun damage.

    Top tip: Less is more - dispense a drop no bigger than a ten pence piece into hands, then massage all over the face and neck using your fingertips.

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