Clarins’ guide to skincare for new mothers

From the moment they open their eyes to their very first giggle, your newborn baby is a miracle — and so is what your body has achieved. So while you’re taking care of your baby, we’ll take care of you.

With over 50 years of maternity expertise, Clarins understands that new mothers often don’t have the time (or energy!) for lengthy skincare routines. Between lovingly caring for your newborn and trying to catch up on sleep, there’s little time for much else.

At Clarins, we believe in keeping it simple; which means powerful, standalone products specially formulated to breathe life, nourishment, and comfort into the often worn-out skin of new mothers.

Feel radiant and refreshed with Double Serum

Sleepless nights, busy days, and very little time to oneself; it’s no surprise new mothers often notice their skin becoming dehydrated, dull, and lacklustre. To maintain radiance, your skin needs to be regularly moisturised and nourished — and Clarins is here to help.

A trusted skin saviour for new mothers, Double Serum, the UK’s number one serum*, is the ultimate treatment for combatting the effects of one too many interrupted nights. Two power-packed serums in one boost the skin’s natural radiance, leaving skin firmer with fine lines and pores visibly reduced. Packed full of 21 powerful plant extracts — such as Turmeric, Goji Berry, Beautyberry, and Mango — this Complete Age Control Concentrate stimulates the five vital skin functions (hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration, and protection) to give you visibly healthier skin.

With two pre-measured dose options to avoid wastage, Double Serum’s easy to use pump is perfect for replenishing your skin on the go. While your newborn rests, steal a minute or two to gently work Double Serum into your face and neck — lightly pressing in a sweeping, outward motion from the centre of your face, down your nose and jaw, then up across your cheeks and forehead.

Wave goodbye to a worn-out complexion and achieve brighter, smoother, more radiant-looking skin with Double Serum — the beauty secret of many new mums.

Nourishing night creams

Another way to pack powerful nutrients back into your complexion is by regularly using a night cream. With a richer, denser texture than day creams, night creams sink into the skin overnight — encouraging skin cell turnover and deeply nourishing and hydrating even the sleepiest of complexions.

Like eight hours of shut-eye in a bottle for your skin, a night cream is easy to apply once you’ve settled your little one. Apply generously to your face and neck and let the powerful, plant-based formula infuse into your skin overnight. Wake up to a rejuvenated, nourished complexion — no matter how little sleep you end up getting.

Target the appearance of pregnancy stretch marks with a post-partum stretch mark cream

We know many new mothers wonder how to remove stretch marks after pregnancy. At Clarins, we believe your body is beautiful no matter what and that your stretch marks are simply proof of the life you brought into the world. And that’s incredible. However, some women may wish to minimise the appearance of stretch marks to help them build confidence post-birth — and we’re here to support those women, too.

While there’s no way of eliminating stretch marks entirely, a post-pregnancy stretch mark cream will help to diminish their appearance over time. Clarins Body Partner Stretch Mark Expert is a plant-powered formula which acts upon the skin’s elasticity, firmness, and colouration. It contains a PhytoStretch Complex of Centella Asiatica to improve skin elasticity and Organic Green Banana extract to firm skin. Body Partner targets the appearance of stretch marks by minimising their width, depth, length, and colour. Fragrance-free with a lightweight texture, this luxurious lotion glides effortlessly onto the tummy and, when used daily, will subtly work magic on post-partum skin.

Keep it simple with Clarins

Your newborn needs your undivided attention, so ensuring your skincare routine is quick, easy, and effective is key. At Clarins, we make it simple for you: soothe post-partum skin with Body Partner, then show your skin double the love with a replenishing night cream teamed with Double Serum; the perfect skincare duo to visibly boost radiance. As a new mother, feeling good is important. So let Clarins support you every step of the way.

*Source: The NPD Group. Prestige Anti-ageing serum unit sales January - December 2019.

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