FEED & Clarins

Clarins is proud to partner with FEED, the social charity founded by Lauren Bush Lauren, to fight hunger around the world and here at home.

Thanks to you, more than


meals have been distributed to school children across the world.

How can you make a difference and donate meals through our FEED campaign in 2018?

Simply by falling for your favourite Clarins skincare and make-up products!
When you spend over £55, receive a FEED pouch
filled with 5 beauty products, and donate 10 meals
to school children in need. Offer ends 21/09/2018.

1 FEED pouch bought Your £55+ order
a FEED beauty pouch
10 repas scolaires distribués.10 meals
  • 2011

    343 625meals


    The first partnership with the North American Clarins subsidiary in exclusivity with Nordstrom, and later Bloomingdales.

    Exclusive partnership with Colette, Paris.

  • 2012

    1 421 100meals


    FEED’s 5th anniversary "Clarins Million Meals Concert for FEED", New York

    A charitable Christmas on the French, Spanish, UK and German websites
    1 order on clarins.com = 10 meals regardless of the purchase total.

  • 2013

    2 075 040meals


    FEED10 pouches in more than 15 countries.
    1 pouch = 10 school meals.

    Million Meal Campaign in the USA.

  • 2014

    3 099 970meals


    FEED & Clarins Collection in over 15 countries: Give your support with FEED & Clarins.

  • 2015

    3 954 850meals


    FEED & Clarins collections in over 30 countries.

  • 2016

    4 452 155meals


    FEED & Clarins collections in over 40 countries.

  • 2017

    4 135 010 meals


    FEED & Clarins collections in over 40 countries.

  • 2018

    4 045 010 meals


    FEED & Clarins collections in over 40 countries.

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Why FEED and Clarins?

Our children are the future. We must provide them with Education, Nutrition and Health.

Christan Courtin-Clarins

Helping children receive health care and education is a priority for the Clarins Group. Since 2011, Clarins and FEED support the United Nations World Food Programme. Financing school meals not only enables us to feed children in need but also to improve school attendance and access to education. View images of some of our work on the field:

FEED & CLARINS, projet à Honduras

FEED & CLARINS, project in Honduras

FEED & Clarins, projet à Madagascar

FEED & Clarins, project in Madagascar

Why provide meals to children in need?
Studies have proven that a balanced meal doubles a child’s concentration at school and improves academic performance. Furthermore, young girls who receive an education have fewer children, and are later better able to take care of them and educate them. For the majority of children, their school lunch is the only meal of the day.

Christian Courtin-Clarins

Christian Courtin-Clarins

Clarins’ Commitments

With an abiding love for women, children and our planet, Clarins is committed to creating a more beautiful future by supporting medical, humanitarian, environmental and educational initiatives throughout the world.