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Multi-Active - Early Wrinkle Correction Cream



Day & Night

Life is
for living.
(Love your skin day & night.)

Busy days, short nights…
A build-up of stress and lack of sleep can soon take its toll on your complexion.

Multi-tasking skincare

Powered by plant extracts and the latest breakthroughs in botanical research, this skincare duo visibly diminishes the first signs of ageing, restores radiance, hydrates and maintains younger looking skin.

Day Cream All Skin Types


Night Cream Light Night


8 out of 10 women

Think that our multi-tasking skincare duo preserves their skin's youthful glow.*

*Satisfaction test, Multi-Active Day Cream All Skin Types and Multi-Active Night Cream Normal to Combination Skin, 106 women aged 30 - 40 years, 15 days.

Prevents the first signs of ageing

Fibroblasts are the skin cells responsible for keeping your features looking smooth and defined. But stress and lack of sleep trigger the production of free radicals that deplete the fibroblasts. This is when the first visible signs of ageing start to appear.


Breakthrough technology targets first signs of ageing

Clarins Laboratories' pioneering new-generation capsules have been specially designed to deliver New Teasel extract directly to the source of your skin's youthfulness, the fibroblast. There, this potent natural anti-oxidant works to revitalise your skin.
Your complexion will stay looking younger for longer.



Age-defying breakthrough day cream

Myrothamnus plant extract, a South African plant that comes back to life in the rainy season, helps to offset the most damaging effects of a stressful lifestyle.

Age-defying breakthrough night cream

Organic California Golden Poppy extract, taken from a flower that closes its petals at night to regenerate, helps to offset the damaging effects of late nights and interrupted sleep.

TLC that works a treat

Multi-Active Day Cream I want a cream that’s…

Multi-Active Nuit I want a cream that’s…