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Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster

Made to measure self tan
Clarins reinvents the art of self tanning

Three drops of concentrated sunshine for a natural, healthy glow 365 days a year

Simple yet effective, this new self tanner creates an even, radiant glow in a single, daily step. Combined with your regular day or night cream, it provides a made to measure healthy glow that develops evenly on the skin and looks incredibly natural from the first application.

Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster
15ml dropper bottle, approximately 3 months use

Mix with
your regular day
or night cream.
Not for
use alone.

Application Tips


Choose your tan: light, medium or gorgeously golden!

With Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster, you can adjust your tan all year long. Based on the results achieved with your first few uses, you can choose to continue to apply three drops to intensify your tan or reduce to one or two drops to maintain it. The tan will gradually fade when you stop using the product.


Makes a winning combination when paired with any type of face care treatment

The breakthrough formula of Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster can be mixed with all types of textures: creams, gels, serums etc. It is applied once a day by mixing it with any type of face care treatment and works in unison with the anti-ageing, moisturising or hydrating actions of your regular face product.


No more fear of a streaky self tan!

Simply click the bottom to dispense the formula and mix with your regular day or night product in the palm of your hand for an instant, even-looking healthy glow. As with any type of self tanning product, don't forget to wash your hands after use.

Clarins Tip
For an even more radiant tan, use an exfoliating scrub before applying Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster*. Free of dead skin cells, the skin is left more receptive to active ingredients.

*Use this concentrate only in diluted form with Clarins cosmetics products according to instructions for use.

Clarins innovation

Behind the scenes
at the Clarins Research

Compared to regular self tanners, Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster has a much higher concentrate of self tanning active ingredients.
Its patented, odourless formula is designed for made-to-measure use, with these ingredients interacting with the amino acids in the corneal layer of the skin, activating colouration.

An exceptional formula
made from 99.8%
natural ingredients

A subtle blend of DHA and natural erythrulose was developed by Clarins Research. This self tanner blends instantly with the products with which it is combined to create a very natural-looking golden glow. It gives lighter skin tones a sun-kissed look and warms darker skin tones in just a few hours without any DHA odour. Added Aloe Vera Extract also helps maintain skin’s softness.

The benefits



Tan adapted to
to skin tone after
10 days of use



Natural-looking healthy
glow and tan



Even-looking tan

*Use this concentrate only in diluted form in Clarins cosmetics products according to instructions for use.
**Source: satisfaction test on 61 women over 10 days


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Made to measure self tan

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Application Tips

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Clarins innovation