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Double Serum:
That all-elusive youthful glow!

Double Serum

Our bestselling Double Serum works like magic. Its 21 potent plant extracts work to restore radiance, smooth wrinkles and lines, firm skin and tighten pores.



Clarins tip:

For instantly smoothed, taut skin, mix a drop of Double Serum in with your fluid foundation. Radiance and youth restored to the complexion!

Build your routine:

  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Cottonseed
    Gentle Foaming Cleanser -
    Normal to Combination Skin
  • Multi-Active Day Cream - All Skin Types
    Multi-Active Day Cream,
    All Skin Types
  • Multi-Active Eye
    Multi-Active Eye Cream

Body Fit:
Beauty bootcamp from the comfort of your own home.

Body Fit

The secret weapon to refine, lift, and reshape your body's contours. This lotion envelops the body in a blast of refreshing coolness, leaving skin velvety soft and smooth. It's your bootcamp instructor with a soft side.

Quince leaf

Quince leaf

Clarins tip:

Chill your Body Fit in the fridge beforehand for an extra-intense cooling sensation and instant toning effect.

Build your routine:

  • Hydra-Essentiel Bi-Phase Serum
    Hydra-Essentiel Intensive Moisture Quenching Bi-Phase Serum
  • Hydra-Essentiel Silky Cream
    Silky Cream
    Normal to Dry Skin
  • Supra Volume Mascara
    Supra Volume Mascara

Supra Volume Mascara:
For smouldering eyes!

Supra Volume Mascara

A show-stopping mascara to set hearts aflutter. Enriched with plant-based waxes, the formula defines and thickens lashes in one single stroke. Hello volume, thickness and definition!

Cassie flower

Cassie flower

Clarins tip:

Pump up the volume by applying a first layer from root to tip. Leave to dry, then add a second layer for an extra-dramatic look with zero clumping.

Build your routine:

  • Toning Lotion With Camomile
    Toning Lotion with Camomile,
    Normal to Dry Skin
  • Double Serum
    Extra Firming Double
    Day Serum
  • Skin Illusion
    Skin Illusion SPF 10

Beauty Flash Balm:
A radiant complexion!

Beauty Flash Balm

Instantly reveal your natural beauty! Signs of tiredness and fine lines are minimised immediately after application and skin feels refreshed. Beauty in a flash...

Olive leaf

Olive leaf

Clarins tip:

For extra-intense results, use the balm as a mask: instant glow, instant boost!

Build your routine:

  • Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream
    Gentle Peeling Smooth Away Cream
  • Eye Contour Gel
    Eye Contour Gel
    for Dark Circles
  • BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25
    BB Skin Detox Fluid SPF 25