Tonic Citrus Home Fragrance Bundle Tonic Citrus Home Fragrance Bundle

Tonic Citrus Home Fragrance Bundle

Create a personalised ambiance and decorate your home with this Tonic Citrus duo. Product details

  • Use: Candle burns for approximately 40 hours, Spray fragrance throughout the home.
1 unit

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1 unit

The fresh and uplifting fragrance of citrus fruit creates a relaxed and uplifting atmosphere to personalize your home, invigorating and promoting a feeling of well-being and energy.


This Bundle includes:

- Tonic Citrus Scented Candle, 180g - This candle burns for about 30-40 hours.

Clarins tip: Let the candle burn for 2 hours on the first use, this assures better burning the next time.


- Tonic Citrus Home Fragrance, 200ml - Spritz this home fragrance a few times to Create an invigorating atmosphere at any moment of the day.

Clarins tip: Spray onto pillows and furniture fabric so that the fragrance lasts even longer!


Worth £54*.

*Worth based on ml value of standard retail size products


  • Create an invigorating atmosphere in your home

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