The expert Clarins secret to giving your bust a boost: Model'Bust, the bust firming product that really makes a difference!

Model'Bust Model'Bust Model'Bust Model'Bust
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Product details
Model'Bust is a hydromassage appliance made up of three rotating showers. Once placed over the breast, this bust firming device uses cold tap water to deliver a circulating massage with a helpful vaso-constrictor effect, instantly tightening breasts for immediately natural-looking firmness and improving the health of the skin.
  • Instant toning effect thanks to cold water massage of the skin tissue.
  • Stimulates cutaneous micro-circulation.
  • Enhances and fortifies the skin, and restores youthfulness and beauty.
How to

Remove the shower head* and connect the Model'Bust device to the shower hose. Apply Model'Bust to the breast with the spout pointing downwards. Slowly turn on the cold tap until the water is flowing at medium intensity. The rotating jets will start to move and massage the breast. Massage each breast for approximately 40 seconds. *See Model'Bust installation instructions and user guide in the Bust Beauty Secrets leaflet enclosed with the product.

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