How should I care for my skin post-menopause?

Menopause brings with it noticeable changes to your skin and hair – changes that continue to affect your body even when menopause is over. That’s why it’s important to understand these changes and make sure you’re treating your complexion to dedicated skincare for post-menopausal skin.

What is post-menopausal skin?

When you enter menopause, your body stops producing as much oestrogen, and with these reduced levels of oestrogen comes a drop in collagen – an important protein that promotes skin elasticity and strength. With less collagen production, skin can become dry, with a grey appearance if you don’t look after it properly, plus fine lines and wrinkles can appear more pronounced.

But life begins at 60, right? Which is why Clarins’ have developed a nourishing collection of moisturisers for post-menopausal skin to keep your skincare routine simple, yet effective, for your 60s and beyond...leaving you free to get on with the important things in life.

Post-menopausal skincare with Nutri Lumière

While a replenishing face moisturiser is great for maintaining healthy skin throughout your life, when lower oestrogen levels hit post-menopause, a deeply nourishing face cream turns into a certified skin saviour.

At Clarins, we believe in loving and feeling confident in your skin no matter what age you are. We also think that caring for your skin post-menopause shouldn’t be time-consuming, nor require thousands of products and potions.

Our Nutri-Lumière range nourishes, revitalises and illuminates nutrient-depleted skin to help you on your way to regaining a glowing, luminous complexion – with just four simple, replenishing products. Using a revitalising duo of Horse Chestnut extracts, our range of face creams improve the skin’s micro-nutrient network to leave your skin gorgeously nourished with fine lines and wrinkles visibly reduced.

Post-menopause face cream for daytime

During the daytime, treat your complexion to the revitalising, cream-in-oil Day Cream

or the gel-in-oil Day Emulsion – depending on your texture preference. Enriched with Organic Oat extract which immediately lifts and plumps your skin, plus Organic Wakame extract to strengthen and hydrate, these daytime moisturisers will leave your skin feeling supple and super-soft.

For an even lighter touch, you can try the Nutri-Lumière Treatment Essence. A reconditioning lotion that uses Ginseng and Green Coffee extract to re-energise your complexion while packing a hydrating punch, thanks to Leaf of Life and Glycerine extracts. This lotion prepares your skin for its daily skincare routine and will help you maintain velvety-smooth, radiant skin, around the clock.

Post-menopause face cream for nighttime

When the evening comes around, your skin can delight in a more intense, overnight treatment in the form of the Nutri Lumiere rejuvenating Night Cream. Packed full of powerful plant extracts – such as Harungana and Tetrapeptide to restore density and Shea Butter for a splash of nourishing nutrition – the balm-in-oil texture of this night cream melts onto the skin, so you can wake up to a glow that’ll leave you looking as radiant on the outside as you feel on the inside.

You can find out more about caring for your skin post-menopause with our guide to skincare in your 60s and beyond.

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