Smiling, laughter lines and wrinkles

Smile wrinkles, laughter lines – whatever you call them and however many you have, we think they’re a wonderful part of your face and should be celebrated as a reminder of all the joy in your life. Clarins believe in growing old gracefully – we believe you should feel skin confident at any age. However, if you do want to reduce the appearance of these lines, we can help you address these concerns with the right skincare product to blur, minimise and soften the appearance of laughter lines.

What are smile lines?

Smile wrinkles, or laughter lines, are fine lines in the skin that tend to deepen over time. The thinning of our skin around the eyes and mouth as we age, combined with the effects of repetitive facial movements – such as smiling, laughing or frowning, which cause the muscles in the face to tense – can result in the creation of these lines. Other factors that can affect how many smile lines we develop include smoking, genetics, sun exposure and, of course, aging. Smile lines tend to be most noticeable under and around your eyes, as well as to the sides of your mouth and towards the outer corners of your cheeks.

So does smiling cause wrinkles?

All facial expressions tend to cause wrinkles over time, but that doesn’t mean you should try to stop smiling! Whether smiling actually causes wrinkles or not tends to come down to lifestyle and genetics. If your parents and grandparents have laughter lines, the odds are that you will, too. If they don’t, you may still see a few smile wrinkles as your skin matures - we see it as a sign that you’ve had a lot of joy in life!

Any advice on how to get rid of smile lines?

If you have quite a few wrinkles, you may wonder how to get rid of laugh lines. If you start to see laughter lines around your mouth or a few smile lines under eyes that bother you, you can use anti-wrinkle treatments to smooth the appearance of them or slow down the advancement of further lines. We recommend maintaining an anti-aging skin care routine to smooth and firm skin as it matures; keeping skin moisturised and nourished over time to diminish and reduce the appearance of wrinkles - even laughter lines!

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